A Celebration of Craft 12×12 Layout

One of the most exciting things about owning your own craft store, is getting an insider look at new products and techniques directly from the manufacturers. My business partner, Amanda, and I are looking forward to one day being able to go in person to such expos as Creativation, but until then, we will participate in as many online ones as we can. I had the opportunity recently to join in on a two day online event called Celebration of Craft. It was hosted by Spellbinders and featured many of the companies that we either currently sell in our store, or hope to sell one day. When I received my kit of supplies I was floored at how packed it was. It has taken me until yesterday to finally finish all the projects (trying to follow along a live video feed while bouncing up and down to serve customers is not really conducive to getting a lot accomplished LOL!)

Yesterday I posted the completed Pinkfresh Studios layout to our Instagram but the process video has taken me a bit longer to edit. Hence the Friday Inspiration … on Saturday.

Here’s what the inspiration page by Anett Gelencser looked like:

I love how creative she was in cutting the background paper into triangles and then turning them into mountains. That’s the type of “out of the box” thinking that I completely lack! So after toting my half-finished layout back and forth between the store and my house, I finally completed it, and it looks like this:

My photo was larger than the one she used and I used very different pieces from the tag and ephemera packs in the kit. But I love how this turned out! Here’s a look at the process as well as a walk through of the Glimmer machine from Spellbinders which I used to get those silver snowflakes.

Let’s talk about the Glimmer machine for a minute, okay? When we first brought one in for the store I was pretty intimidated by it and couldn’t get good results so put it up on a high shelf and forgot about it. Well, thank you Spellbinders for forcing me to tackle my Glimmer-phobia head on! I LOVE it now. It is so fun and the results are stunning! I pretty much want to Glimmer everything LOL!

We currently don’t have stock on this and it’s a special order item, but if you are interested, please reach out to the store and we will sort something out. Our email is info@ladnervillagecrafts.ca and our phone number is 604-946-0311.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the elements on the page.

Looking at my title, if you hadn’t watched the video to see how I made the word ‘dog’ 3-dimensional by stacking 3 layers of die cuts together, you’d think those were chipboard letter stickers. It’s a great hack to create interest and depth for anything you die cut out of paper. Especially great for card makers to give those die cut words, that are so popular, some oomph.

Off camera I filled in my journaling and added an orange coloured ribbon to the hole.

I’ve been listening to older episodes of the ScrapHappy Podcast and Alice is a genius at meaningful journaling. I tried to take a page out of her book for this layout and not tell the obvious but give a bit more context to the photo. You’ll have to let me know if I succeeded or not!

Moving this word strip from the bottom right corner to the top left was a pivotal point in my design process. It does two things. First, it gives your eye a really obvious place to start looking at the layout. When the top was all white it was hard to know where to look first. Adding this was like adding a giant sign that says “start here”. And second, it brings the dark blue from the lower half of the layout up to the top. This is always a good design decision. And just as I was conscious of having the green and orange in more than one place on the layout, pulling that dark blue up to the top, makes all the rest of the dark blue make sense.

Isn’t that snowflake stunning? I honestly can’t wait to create a whole flurry of these and make cards and other items for the store. At my class on the 21st you will have an opportunity to pre-order both the Glimmer machine and this snowflake plate and die cut. If you can’t make the class and want more information about pricing and shipping to you, please contact the store. The email and phone number have already been shared in this post.

Thank you for visiting today for this Inspirational project. Please let me know in the comments what you think of the layout, the Glimmering, my dog … anything! And enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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