Crochet Satisfaction

Last month I shared how I’d taken up a new hobby (you know, with all my free time LOL) by signing up for our Crochet for Beginners class at the store. Our instructor had lofty goals for our group and her students had varying degrees of success with the projects assigned. Crochet is not as easy as it looks, and also, super easy IF you focus. A total contradiction in terms I know but hey, I stand by it.

As the good student that I used to be WAY back in the day, I was pretty diligent about doing my homework. I struggled with the first stitch pattern we were taught but did eventually manage to make two dish cloths in that stitch (called the Moss stitch but I’ve also seen it referred to as the Seed stitch). Then we moved on to another stitch which I don’t have the name of but which I found much easier to do. I’ve got two lovely dishcloths in this stitch also.

Then came the fun projects!

First up was the cute little basket that you see in the photo above. It’s a modification of a pattern from Hobii and mine is the perfect size to act as a yarn basket for whatever project I’m currently working on. In the photo above, it’s still got the yarn in it from my head warmer as I think I’m going to try something to match. Stay tuned!

And speaking of the Head Warmer, that was the last project. I started it on our last day and it has taken me until this morning to finish it. It’s not perfect by any stretch (I’m pretty sure there are a number of dropped and/or added stitches along the way!) But I’m pleased with it and the timing is perfect as it’s suddenly gotten super cold here in the Lower Mainland. Having something to keep my ears warm when I walk Scout each morning will be nice.

So there you have it. Oh, and in my pursuit of all things crochet, I stumbled across a super site that I’d love for you to check out. Her name is Tiffany and she’s got a ton of free patterns on her site but the real gold is her YouTube channel. Her videos are easy to follow! I’m sure there are many awesome crochet YouTube channels out there that I have yet to discover, but hers stood out to me for her really simple explanations and easy to follow steps. Plus, she shows just about everything in left handed as well. As a mother to a lefty, I appreciate the extra mile she’s taking there!

Have an amazing week and keep crafting my friends!

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