Christmas Card Making Kits

Thank you for purchasing one of my Crafting Kits!

Store bought cards can be so expensive and pretty impersonal, can’t they? Make your own, one-of-a-kind Christmas cards this year with the help of my kit and this post.

I discovered the joy of making my own cards several years ago and am so excited to share that joy with you. Many of my friends comment that they wish they were artistic so they could make cards like I do, and I tell them all … you do not have to be artistic to do this! All it takes is a little bit of inspiration and the right set of supplies, and anyone can create stunning cards to give out. It is my hope that you take the contents of this kit and add in a good dose of your own imagination and creativity to make some truly fabulous cards.

Still feeling like this is a bit daunting? No problem, that’s what this post is all about. I made a video showing you how three cards came together from start to finish. As you’ll see, I take inspiration from my supplies and sometimes change my mind midway. Totally okay!

But first, here is what you will find in your kit:

I have made a change and I’ll talk about that at the end of the video and below. For now though, your kit will contain:

  • 2 red note cards (sized 3.5″x5″) with envelopes
  • 2 white note cards (sized 3.5″x5″) with envelopes
  • 2 white standard sized cards (4.25″x5.5″) with envelopes
  • 2 sheets of double sided 6″x6″ patterned paper (or 3 sheets if two of them are single sided)
  • 3 pieces of card stock (5.5″x8.5″) in red, green, and Kraft
  • 1 piece of white card stock that has been stamped with various Christmas sentiments in red, green and black ink (this is one of the changes that I talked about above)
  • One bottle of white school glue
  • One container of glitter (*colour of glitter varies with each kit)
  • One metallic Sharpie in either silver or gold
  • A selection of gems in red, green and clear
  • A selection of die cuts including ornaments, stars in both red card stock and various metallic coloured glitter paper, and Christmas trees (*exact selection varies with each kit)
  • A set of stamped and die cut images that you can colour in (Christmas tree, Santa, Mrs Claus, a cat, a dog and a gingerbread man)

Other tools that will come in handy:

  • Scissors (or a paper trimmer)
  • Pencil and ruler (if you don’t have a paper trimmer and want to both measure your papers exactly and cut totally straight lines)
  • Markers, pencil crayons or crayons to colour in the die cut shapes.
  • Scrap sheet of paper to use under your project when you sprinkle glitter (watch the video to see how I use this to make sure I can save all my extra glitter and get it back into the container)
  • Something small but heavy that you can place on top of your cards while they dry to keep them nice and flat – a book or block of wood work great

Okay, why don’t you watch the video now and then I’ll show you the cards I made with my kit.

Here are all the cards I made from this kit – 7 in total. Plus the stamped sheet of sentiments I talk about at the end of the video. Your kit will have one similar to this but like I said in the video, this one is all mucked up so it will NOT be going into anyone’s kit!

Card #1 – from the video

Card #2 – from the video

Card #3 – from the video

Card #4 – Using the tree I decorated in the video

Most of this card was made on camera – the written sentiment and the jeweled tree. To finish it I coloured in the remaining baubles on the tree with my silver Sharpie, and coloured the tree trunk with my brown marker. I then adhered a scrap of one of the patterned papers just above the sentiment, glued the tree on top of that, and added a hand drawn border around the top three sides (using my ruler to make sure those lines were nice and straight.)

Card #5 – Have a PURRfect Christmas!

I thought having the cat staring up at Christmas ornaments was fitting, so I used my Sharpie to draw a “string” that my ornaments could hang from. A few gems dressed them up and then a punny saying finished the card perfectly.

Card #6 – Ho Ho Ho

For this card I took the last bit of that red patterned paper and glued it to the top of the card. It didn’t quite reach all the way to the bottom though so I covered the gap with a scrap of green card stock. You may notice I have not left my signature border of card base all around this card. Just to show you I can! And so can you! To finish it off, I glued on the tree, star, Santa and Mrs Claus die cuts to create a scene and then wrote Ho Ho Ho on the tree. This is when I realized that what this kit was missing was a few sentiments!

Even without colour, this Santa and Mrs Claus work well on a card. I didn’t colour them to save time, but since you’re not working to a deadline, I hope you’ll take the time to colour in these die cuts in your kit!

Last but not least, Card #7 – putting together all the scraps

When I come to the end of a kit I typically make a card like this. Nothing remaining was big enough to cover the whole card base, but that’s okay. When layered up and off set, you would never know that this was made with scraps and left overs! I purposefully included this to show you that there is always a way to get one more card out of your supplies!

One last change to tell you about. I say in the video that I would include a sheet with photos of all these cards on them for you to use as inspiration. Well … that’s really a bit of overkill since you have them all here in this post. So, in an effort to save paper, ink, time and money, I changed my mind and did not add in that inspiration sheet. I have created one though so if you really need to print off these cards to help you jump start your own ideas, you can find it here. When you click on that link (the highlighted word) it will open up a new page on which the PDF should show. From there you can print it off, or save it to your computer to refer to at your leisure. I would just ask that you don’t share it on social media or anywhere public. This is just for you – as is this post – as a thank you for purchasing a kit from me. If you have interested friends or family members, please direct them to contact me to purchase their own kit at which time they will gain access to this post and the free PDF download.

And lastly, I mention at the end of the video that I’d love to see your creations. I’m not kidding, I would LOVE to see what you do with this kit. Feel free to leave a comment on this post directing me to where I can find photos or describing what you made. Or post pictures to my Facebook page – that way everyone can share in the inspiration. Or, you can always email me at

Can’t wait to see what you make! Have fun and thanks again for your purchase and support!