Wood Veneer Overwhelm!

Do you have a particular crafting supply that you seem to collect without even knowing? Suddenly you turn around and find 15 6×6 paper pads, or 20 packages of enamel dots, or set after set of wood veneer pieces.

Personally, I believe that one can never have too many enamel dots!

Wood veneer on the other hand … well, that’s the subject of today’s post.

What’s a girl to do when she’s got too much stuff?!

I recently cleaned out my scrap room, went through every single item in it, and have only returned those items to it that I feel I will use. Really, honest to goodness, put on a card, layout or other paper crafting project. It was incredibly tough to look at a piece of gorgeous patterned paper and say, “no, I’m never going to use this, it’s really not my style anymore, good bye”.

This sort and purge even extended to my Gossamer Blue kit stash. You may or may not have picked up by now that I love my Gossamer Blue kits. I love them so much that until just recently, I’ve kept them all separate from my regular stash. When creating with a new kit, I would go to this stash first if I needed something that the newest kit didn’t contain. As I sorted them I came to the (stupidly hard) decision to put whatever full sheets of patterned paper and card stock were in there into my paper racks with my “regular stash”. I’ve still got my paper scraps separate … for now. We’ll see how long that lasts!

When I went through the embellishments drawer though, I discovered this.

Gossamer Blue stash of Alison Day Designs

Package after package of new, never opened, opened and almost all used up, and opened but only partially used wood veneer pieces. And actually, this is not all of the wood veneer I had. I’ve already removed those that I do not think I will use and will be selling/donating them at a future date. These are merely the ones that I think fit my style. That I can see myself actually putting onto a card or layout. So, to facilitate this I’ve decided to challenge myself.

The Great Wood Veneer Challenge 2015 – Part I

Okay, that may be a bit over the top but hey, it’s my blog so I’ll vamp if I want to! 🙂

I initially divided the wood veneer into 4-ish categories: shapes without words (hearts, stars, Geo-tags, leaves, flowers, etc), shapes with words (banners, speech bubbles, flags, etc), shapes and/or words that I didn’t think I’d use on a layout but could work well on a card, and the last one was a package of travel themed words and phrases that I plan to sprinkle about the layouts I will make telling the story of our summer road trip. Now all that was left was to start making things!

First up, a few cards.

Hello Beautiful by Alison Day Designs

Simple Everyday card.

13 by Alison Day Designs

Special card for my husband – it was our 13th Anniversary yesterday.

For the Record by Alison Day Designs

Another Everyday kind of card. This one uses one of the backgrounds I made for this post ages ago. Super easy to make a ton of backgrounds using your scraps.

All right. That’s Part I. I’ve still got a LOT of wood veneer left so please stay tuned for Part II. If it all works out according to plan I will have that post up for you this weekend. The old gang from my Practical Scrappers days will be hosting another Scrapping Our Stash Blog Hop so please be sure to check it out. I may even have to offer up a prize!!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


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2 Responses to Wood Veneer Overwhelm!

  1. Ruth Gauss says:

    Your cards turned out super cute! I love how you used the wood veneer for your sentiments! They are all perfectly wonderful! TFS!

  2. Roxy says:

    I just used some wood veneer in my SMASH book – I love that stuff, seriously, and for a while there I couldn’t find my one lone little package! Then one day I found it stashed inside a kit I’d made up just before our last move – hmmmm, that was only two years ago! – and now I am a happy girl! I’ve never used any on a card though, so that’s something I should try. And I love your practical scrappers post, awesome ideas there!

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