Welcome 2015

Welcome 2015

A new year is upon us.

Say what?!

I’m still playing catch up from the old year! All those cliche’s about time moving faster as you get older are SO true! I am pretty sure it was just the other week that I was posting about my 2014 One Little Word but no, that was in fact 52 weeks ago. Yikes!

I’m not sure how my 2014 word of SIMPLIFY worked for me. Actually, that’s not true. It DID work for me – for the first six months. I stepped down from several design teams so I could focus on scrapping for myself. So I could concentrate on exploring my style and learning new techniques. And it worked! I was published in two print magazines last year and through my online business mentoring group, was able to contribute to a digital bundle in November. What a huge learning experience that was!

I also kept up my 20 – 25 hours per week part time job as a Sales Leader at Pier1 Imports- switching to day shifts in the Fall when my youngest started Kindergarten (insert happy dance here.) As an active parent volunteer at my girls’ school I continued to head up the Hot Lunch program and (in a moment of insanity) took on the role as Secretary on the PAC Executive in June. We planned and executed two Family Markets at the school – one in the early Spring and a Christmas one in November. I was of course not only on the planning committees for both but also a vendor. Yep. Sucker-for-Punishment IS my middle name!

December usually leaves me exhausted as that is crunch time at the store. Being open longer hours means earlier and/or later shifts. Being in retail means no Christmas holidays. As I write this I am recovering from the flu. I should be at work but as I had a hard time getting off the couch yesterday due to aches and chills, I thought it best to stay home today. Plus my eldest is also recovering from the flu. She was hit harder than me – poor kid! Hopefully tomorrow we are both able to return to work/school and kick this thing for good!

My December Daily album is still … unfinished, shall we say? Oh heck, let’s call a spade a spade! It’s not even started!! Thanks to my digital contribution in November I’ve got my date cards made and I did manage to print off a few photos from the first few days but that is as far as it got. Put it into the “to do when I have time” pile. Or as we in the crafting business like to call it – our UFO pile (UnFinished Objects). Also in that pile are three, yes THREE, Gossamer Blue Kits. Untouched Gossamer Blue Kits! December’s isn’t even opened yet and January’s should be arriving on my door step any day now! Yikes! I love my GB kits and am determined to carve out time to get back to creating layouts with them. Right now though, I am focused on other things.

Like putting out 4 online events this year. I learned so much in the Fall, and had so much fun, from contributing to the Creative Christmas Bundle that I am doing it again. Things are rapidly coming together for my first solo event of 2015 – Create a Little Love. (Fair warning: this sales page is super rough but if you’d like more information as I get it ready then be sure to sign up for the More Information email list by filling out the box on the page.) Also on my agenda are another Bundle with some of the same ladies from November – set to release in Mid-April, another event from me in August (details to be worked out) and a 2015 Creative Christmas Bundle in November.

I’m also excited to get regular! No, no, not in the Metamucil kind of way, in the there-will-be-new-content-on-this-site-every-week kind of way! You’d never know it but I actually create a fair bit (gasp, right?!) but not all of it reaches your eyes! I am determined to change that! If a week goes by without new content please track me down and give me a good poke!

There are many things on a personal front that I am looking forward to tackling in 2015 but I will mention only one. Get a new job! My time at Pier1 has been wonderful but I am feeling the need to leave that nest, look for another challenge and stretch myself. I almost killed myself getting my Interior Design Certificate when my girls were small and I think it’s well past time to use it. My drafting table has become the most expensive crafting table out there!

So, what does this mean as far as a Word for 2015? It may come as no surprise that I have chosen ACTION.

Can’t wait to see where it takes me!

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2 Responses to Welcome 2015

  1. Roxy says:

    Hey Alison, sounds like you are a “man with a plan”! Can’t wait to see more of you this year, and hey, if you’re ever up this way, I could use a hand redesigning my “great” room, which currently does not look great at all!!! Hugs, Roxy.

    • daydesigns says:

      Thanks Roxy! I’d love to come for a visit! We’re hoping to do a family road trip this summer but I think it’s going to be East to Alberta not North.

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