Today was hot. The first truly hot day all summer I think. There’s only 2 weeks left of summer and NOW it decides to show?! Sheesh!

Ah well, better late than never.

Today seemed quite busy. We took the kids to Splashdown in the morning (thanks for the passes Karn!!) – only leaving when LC had a meltdown over being forced out of the hot tub. I’ll post some pictures at the end of this post but first I want to post my latest crafty endeavours. Bear with me or scroll down – your choice!

First up, Project 12 for July.
Here’s the sketch.

And here’s what I came up with.

I’m not totally happy with it. It feels unfinished somehow but it was too hot in the craft room to keep working. Plus, dinner wasn’t going to make itself! (If I found a genie in a lamp, I think that’s what I would wish for … someone to make my dinners.)

Here’s the left hand side.

And the right hand side.

A close up of the journalling/title block. I saw a tutorial (I think it was on my upline Sandra’s blog) on how to make these pleated paper ribbons so I gave it a shot. LOVE IT! And so easy. You really have to try it!

I wanted to bring attention to the little picture I had of Paige riding her bike without training wheels so I framed it in yellow. That sort of was the jumping off point for all the yellow accents on the page. Originally I wanted to include a picture of Paige on a bright yellow waterslide but it didn’t work with the layout (one too many pictures if you can believe that!) but I think I had yellow stuck in my mind. Anyway. I like it. It adds a touch of sunshine to the summer themes.
Next we have a little project I’ve been working on this week for Big Picture Classes. They’re running their Big Idea Festival right now (check it out here) and everyday you are emailed an inspirational word. You can also download and print a 6×6 template to use. Here’s my mini book so far.
The cover.
I bought this album last year at Clipper Street’s garage sale. It’s wooden with inner pages made of what looks like recycled paper. Very raw. I glued the striped paper onto the front (cutting around the hinges) and then taped the rest in place.

To go with the feel of the album. I have been printing all my templates on kraft cardstock. This is the title page template that they gave us.

Day 1 – Share. The journalling talks about how we are always telling the girls to share, how they sometimes hate it but how they also love it. Marley is actually now in her own room after 7.5 years of sharing with Paige. So far so good. It will be interesting to see if she misses Paige’s company. Last night she had some trouble getting to sleep and at one point stuck her head into her old room to check on Paige and LC. Thankfully they were fast asleep!

Day 2 – Wonder. I accidentally made this the wrong way so had to paste it into the book portrait instead of landscape. Oh well. I may have to do more like this to make this page look intentional! 🙂
The journalling here talks about the strides Paige has made this summer in conquering some of her fears. I added to the title to make it “I Wonder if it will last?”
The second page and more pictures of Paige and LC on the swing ride at Sun Fest this year.
Both pages together.

Day 3 – Less. Here I talk about my efforts this summer to use or lose my stash.

Day 4 – Give. A picture from the ceremony at the Cenotaph to honour those fallen fighting in Afghanistan.

Day 5 – Enjoy. The journalling talks about how we enjoyed a fun trip to the water park at Granville Island and how all 3 of them were enjoying it in their own way. Usually there is one child freaking out about something but this time, they were all happy!

The second page of that.
Both pages together.
So now we are ready to show you some pictures from Splashdown. How different from the day pictured above! Marley and Paige were excited and having fun on the slides – despite chattering teeth as the water was super cold! But after the first slide, LC was not having fun anymore. Once she hit that cold water it was all over for her. She did love the hot tub though. As I mentioned in my opening, she had a tantrum when we pulled her out of it!
Greg is still experiencing some discomfort so didn’t want to go down any slides with the girls, and I … well, let’s just say the less people see of me in a bathing suit, the better and leave it at that. As it was I had to parade around in my suit once or twice when the girls wanted some added reassurance at the bottom of some slides.
Starting out. Marley was under strict instructions to take care of LC – something she excels at. Seriously! Sometimes I think she does a better job of mothering that child than me!!
Whee! This is fun!
Hmmm … maybe not. This water’s cold!

Nope. I am definitely NOT having fun now! Let me off!!
And that was where LC and the waterslides parted company.
After some more waterslides, Paige and I ended up in the hot tub. I got out when I saw that Marley was about to go down the inner tube slide. 
That’s her!

Hitting the pool at the bottom.

Freezing cold but loving every minute!

Warming up in the hot tub.
Well, so far tonight Marley has come down once to give a SITREP on the other two which was completely unneccessary as Paige had already come down herself to complain that LC was turning her light on and off and it was keeping her awake. Sigh. It’s only night 2 … it’s only night 2 ….
I am off to see what trash I can find to watch on the TV (after switching the laundry first.) Greg seems to have left it alone for a bit – ran out of soccer and football games to watch I guess. 🙂
Have a great weekend everyone!
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  1. Roxy says:

    That’s funny, we were just talking about waterslides the other day. The one in Kamloops closed down ages ago, and that’s the one I went to as a kid, and I was wondering if it was kind of an 80’s trend. Where’s Splashdown?

    Your P12 LO looks great! I love the pops of yellow and the punched edge. I’m working on mine right now, trying to ink a page blue, and not sure if it’s going to work out! Your album is FABULOUS!!! I love the cover, and the kraft pieces to tie it all together – beautiful!

    Well, must shower while it’s all quiet on the western front – hey, that makes a good page title! Hugs, Roxy.

  2. theelfqueen says:

    Came to see the P12 – which is fab! Love that little yellow frame and all your fun summery pics! And your other project is great, too! FUN!!!

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