The Great Hall

Good morning! Happy Saturday!

What’s on your agenda today? Ours includes a club volleyball tournament for the eldest, swimming lessons for the younger two and finally, basketball for the middle. Just your typical quiet weekend around here! (insert massive eye roll – I’m supposed to be focusing on being more BALANCED, RIGHT?!)

Since I clearly will not be getting anything creative done, I thought this the perfect opportunity to share a layout and process video I made back in September and forgot to share with you. Well, that’s not completely true. I filmed the making of the layout back in September and then ran into technical issues adding the voice layover to it so it’s sat on my hard drive unfinished … until now!

This is from our trip in August to Britain and more specifically, when I took my older two daughters to the Harry Potter Studio Tour at the Warner Brother’s lot outside of London. I started off with great energy creating an album (or two) for that day! Life has since got in the way of that project but I hope to come back to it soon.

So, without further ado … I give you


And here are some of the photos from the end of that video, starting with the full spread.

The Great Hall double page by Alison Day

As I said in the commentary, even though there are a lot of added “bits” to this layout, it doesn’t feel busy. It in fact feels quite balanced. The ‘Imagination’ die cut elongates the photo block on the left so it feels approximately equal to the photos on the right side. The journaling block on the bottom right is balanced by all the embellishments on the top left.

The Great Hall - right side by Alison Day

It also made me incredibly happy to be able to work in those old Carta Bella stickers. J.K. Rowling’s books are full of imagery and hidden or secret symbolism so it feels only appropriate to use that on my layouts for this tour.


For example, the badger puffy sticker here. It serves the purpose of hiding where I ripped that antler, but it also is a nod to the Hufflepuff house table in the photo on the other page. Really I think only those that have read the books would get that. And that’s okay! It becomes like a treasure hunt!


Same thing with the lion puffy stickers. Of course Griffindor’s had the lion as their mascot – not sure what was going on yesterday when I did the voice over. Not enough caffeine or something!

The Great Hall - left side by Alison Day


One thing I forgot to mention in my commentary was that I added touches of gold into each cluster too. Since there is gold glitter on the title letter stickers and I’d added that one sticker strip with gold and white stripes, I further emphasized the gold with round gold label stickers – two are visible here – and a gold trimmed label which you can see below tucked behind all the layers in the top right cluster. It’s things like this that help unify the design – especially important with double page spreads when your canvas is twice the size as normal. Repeating elements across that 24″x12″ real estate helps the viewer see it as one cohesive layout.



Well, there you have it. Another layout for this album. Another story told. There are so many more to tell from this day! I am excited to participate in the Layout a Day (LOAD) challenge next month and hopefully scrap some more memories from this day (and the other days of that epic trip). Are you joining us? Click on the link at the top of my side bar for all the details. Use the code INSTAGRAM15 to save $15 until the end of January!

Thanks for visiting. Have a wonderful weekend!

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