Such an Honour

If you have been wondering where I’ve been this past week and a bit, I’ve been working on a couple of ventures. Both quite personal but for very different reasons.

The first is a change to my employment status … I got a job! It’s pretty exciting as it manages to combine the needs of both my husband and I. Regular hours and pay to ease his mind, and the start of my own design business with calls to clients and a completely flexible schedule that will work around our family. Exactly what I wanted! I’m still working on a lot of the back end details, once those are in place I’ll share with you. 🙂

The other project that has preoccupied both my mind and my Scrap Cave, is the subject of this post.

I was commissioned to make some extra special cards for a friend. I will not be sharing the specifics of the end recipient as I do not feel it is my story to share. Just know that this woman is fighting a fight none of us would wish on our worst enemy.

I was asked to create a set of cards for a wife and mother who is battling a terminal illness. These are to be opened by her husband and two children at certain times after her passing. Having lost my own mother at 14 I know exactly how much those words are going to affect her family. As I told my friend, I would gladly give my left arm to receive a card from my dead mother! How precious!!

The commission included 4 birthday cards plus a blank card for each. Then for the two children, a high school graduation card, an engagement card, a wedding card, and a first baby card. I raided my stash for some of the birthday cards as well as a few others, but today I’d like to share the rest that I made. As these were being made with their family in mind I could personalize them to an extent I don’t normally do. It was truly a labour of love!

Birthday cards:

Birthday card - daughter by Alison Day

Birthday card - son by Alison Day

Birthday Card - husband  by Alison Day

Birthday card 2 - husband  by Alison Day

birthday card 2 - son  by Alison Day

Engagement cards:

Engagement card - daughter  by Alison Day

Engagement card - son  by Alison Day

Wedding cards:

Wedding card - daughter  by Alison Day

Wedding card - son  by Alison Day

First baby card:

First baby card - daughter  by Alison Day

First baby card - son  by Alison Day

Blank card for her husband:

Blank card - husband  by Alison Day

Like I said, this was a deeply personal commission and it is my hope that this family is comforted by my cards and the words they will contain. My thanks to my friend for including me in this. She is also fighting the good fight. Helping her friend to die with dignity is so precious. And so hard!

I’ll leave you with this: hug your kids extra close, tell your husband you love him even when he really drives you nuts! You never know when your time will come. If you’re very lucky you’ll have time to leave messages of love to your family before you go but most of us are not that lucky.

As for me, I am more determined than ever to get my scrapbooks in order so that the written record I leave behind tells as complete a story as possible. And that the love I feel for my friends and family shines through in my pages.

Until next time my friends. Have a good weekend.

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