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 Fall leaf by Alison Day DesignsHello October!

Can you believe it? Where did September go?!

The calendar says we’ve left summer behind but around these parts the sun is shining, the afternoons are warm, and I want to soak up every last ounce of that precious Vitamin D before it disappears for months.

(I may be in denial that socks are now required, flip flops are a wee bit too open to wear 24/7, and the heat may need to get turned on soon.)


But now that it’s officially October and Fall, I guess it’s perfectly acceptable to post about all things Thanksgiving and Halloween. Right? That’s the rule, isn’t it? No white after Labour Day and no Halloween talk until October 1st? Guess I’ve already broken that rule as I shared something last week that you could make and give away this Halloween to kids in your child’s class or at a party.

Today I have another take on the Halloween Snack Bag but this time it’s for you!

Halloween Embellish Your Story Snack Bags by Alison Day Designs

The Halloween Embellish Your Story Snack Bag

Now at an Etsy Shop near you. Okay, just mine!

Instead of listing all the contents here I filmed a video and then created a layout with said contents. Take a look!

What do you think? Personally, I love the spider webs! And this is the only type of spider web I do like! I opened the blinds of my craft room window the other day to the view of a “totally harmless” “teensy weensy” spider and almost had a heart attack. Super cool Aussie friends were quick to point out how harmless this particular spider was (keep your opinions to yourself please! Unless you are volunteering to come up here and get rid of said harmless spider, I don’t need to hear it! Thank you1) but I still say a spider or spider web made of paper is the only way to go! Who’s with me?

But I digress …

Here is the layout I made and a few close up shots of the details. Spider webs and all!

Halloween Hair by Alison Day Designs




Thank you and don’t forget that until October 7th you can get 15% off anything in my Etsy Shop with the coupon code HAPPY15.

Have a great day. See you soon!

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