Shaking It Up

#the20project with Alison Day Designs

Welcome back to my version of The 20 Project.

To find out more about The 20 Project please visit Shimelle Laine’s blog. This is her concept that I am using as inspiration to get my own projects finished while challenging myself along the way. Shaking up the ordinary processes. Working out the cobwebs. Rediscovering old products. It is all going to happen during this project!

If this is your first visit to my blog then welcome, and if you’d like to check out all the posts in this series you can start here. At the end of that post is a link to the next one so you can keep going until you reach the end or today’s post – whichever is sooner. Enjoy! If you’re inspired to try something similar I highly encourage you to buy Shimelle’s class too. She has some pretty great prompts that I know I don’t have. And heck, she is way more interesting to watch than I am!! LOL!

Today the bowl prompted me to include a shaker element on a layout. Yikes! I did this once before (that I can think of) and loved it. Let’s see if I can love it as much the second time around!

Take a look at how things came together.

Prompt #3 – Include a Shaker Element

3 Months Old

3 Months Old by Alison Day Designs

To get the placement of that number 3 right, I first blocked it out in my silhouette software using two boxes to represent the photos. I merely drew a box, sized it to what I knew my photos were (4×4″ and 4×6″) and then made the 3 big enough to fit above them. Easy Peasy!

That being said, I forgot about my journaling card when I was planning the placement of the 3 so now … I wish it were over to the left a touch. Only about half an inch! Oh well, live and learn, right? I think I managed to fill the gap with some embellishments though.


Here’s a good look at the cluster of embellishments I used to fill in that awkward gap between the 3 and the portrait photo. A sticker at the very back, a label (also a handy place to put the date), a stacked butterfly sticker and then a few pink gems. And they almost cover the Pepsi bottles in the background of the photo too!


Do you remember to use your border punches? I know I forget about them too often. This one is perfect for this album though. I love to pick an element or motif and carry it through a whole story. When I made her original albums I’d used butterflies on the nameplate for the cover so it seems appropriate to keep using them.


Confession time! I have huge Mom Guilt because we were so good about documenting Marley’s first year and so bad about documenting the other two! Maybe they won’t notice?


Well that’s all I have for you this week. What will come out of the bowl next week do you think?

Have a great rest of your weekend. See you soon!

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