September Round Up

Time to share what I made with the September 2015 Gossamer Blue Kit. If you missed the reveal video you can find it here.

It’s been a lot of fun to play with! Some of the items in the kit have yet to make it onto a layout. That’s okay. Some of them will go into my stash, and some will go into my sell pile. I’m trying to get better at passing on those items that I recognize as ones I’m not likely to use. Better that they make another crafter happy than clutter up my space!

Here’s what I did make.

#1 – Hello Happy Hour

Hello Happy Hour by Alison Day Designs

You can read more about this one here.

#2 – Kitty Love

Kitty Love by Alison Day Designs

When I saw the ‘meow’ card on the piece of patterned paper by Crate Paper, I knew which daughter I could use it for! We don’t have pets as my husband is allergic to them, so whenever we are visiting friends with them, my middle daughter pretty much just camps herself in whatever room the animals are! Or, in the case of this particular long suffering cat, chases it around the house hoping to bestow as much love on it as she can!


As my daughter is nine years old in these photos, I also used the ‘9’ card from the same sheet of paper. The black camera washi tape and the pink striped one underneath it, are from my stash. Trying to remember to use it!


This ‘love’ die cut wood veneer piece was from the package of die cut words by Crate Paper. Considering I’ve already had one personal challenge to use up my stash of wood veneer, I was glad to find ways to use as many of those pieces as I could! Don’t want to add to my stash after all!

#3 – My Bright, Sweet & Lucky Girls

My Bright, Sweet & Lucky  Girls by Alison Day Designs

I loved the piece of patterned paper by Crate Paper with all the words on it but found that I had to cut it up as the words I was most drawn to weren’t in a good place for photo placement.Turns out the b-side is this lovely red with embroidery inspired x’s on it – perfect as an accent paper! Since the large chipboard letter stickers in the kit were an exact match to this paper, my title additions fit right in!


I added some splatters of mist to the back ground paper before adhering all the paper layers. It adds some much needed movement and texture.


Here’s a closer look at the title.

#4 – Smile

Smile by Alison Day Designs

It’s always fun to capture my husband solo. Usually I’m taking photos of him interacting with the girls so this picture of him playing with my ‘good’ camera needed to be scrapped.

Since most of the scraps I had left were a bit “girly” – pink, rabbits, and whatnot – I pulled out the dark grey card stock and this lovely grey patterned paper from Elle’s Studio. The other side is a cheerful yellow with stars on it (used behind the ‘smile’ wood veneer card) but I wanted to use a particular part of the grey pattern to help draw your eye to the photo. Namely the off-set chevron.I’ve lined it, the photo and the strips behind them, all up at approximately the lower one third line of the paper. As well as at approximately his eye line in the photo. Both are design tricks to bring emphasis to, and make your viewer notice the thing that you most want them to. In this case, the photo!

The one third line is a reference to the Rule of Thirds. Basically, if you draw an imaginary tic-tac-toe grid on your paper, where the lines intersect are your “magic spots”. The thirds. The areas that for whatever reason, our eyes are drawn to. Putting important details on those spots ensures they will get noticed. If you’re ever stuck for where to place your photo on your layout, try putting it on one of those ‘magic spots’ and see what a difference it can make.

But I digress…



The Bazzil card stock has this tiny branding strip on it. Flipping it over and adding it here to the top of the layout instantly solved the problem I was having with things seeming to float on the page. Now they are “kept in” by this top border. Plus it made a great spot for a little embellishment cluster and my date.


There you have it. Four layouts this month. I still have a full sheet of bright yellow card stock but everything else is cut up into scraps. I’ve even used a fair number of the exclusive images from the print and cut sheet. But I will put all the left over supplies away now and wait for October’s kit to arrive. I’ve got other projects to work on anyway!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. See you Monday!


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