ScrapHappy is Turning 4!

Quick post to let you all in on one of my biggest Scrapbooking Secrets …


It’s a community of like minded (read: scrap-obsessed) women started by Lain Ehmann of Layout A Day fame. We’ve got a private Facebook Group where we all chat about so much more than what’s on our craft table. There was a Family Reunion this past weekend in Pheonix Arizona that I was hoping to go to but other commitments (wedding in Scotland!! Yee Haw!) prevented me from attending. 2015 Baby!! I. Am. THERE!!

There’s a lot more but rather than me spout on and on, why don’t you just click on this link –  SH bday 2014 – and read all about it for yourself.

There’s a sale on memberships going on and a FREE download at the bottom.

Looking forward to welcoming you to the family!!

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