Run For the Cure

Or in my case, Walk for the Cure!

I’m participating in support of my friend Beth Heras who is battling breast cancer for the second time. She is now in Stage 4 so prognosis is grim but hopes are high. If you’d like to support me please go here to make a donation to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

I have (in typical Alison fashion) left this to the last minute! Life around here tends to swirl at such a pace it’s easy to get swept along and forget to do things you’ve resolved to do. It’s terrible and I’m not trying to make excuses. Supporting Beth and all the women who are fighting, will fight and especially those that have fought bravely and lost is important to me. The older I get the more my own mortality plays a role in my every day decisions. Not to say I dwell on it, but I’d like to be there for my kids when they are “all grown up”. Beth is my age – younger actually – and her children are ages with mine so the parallels are unavoidable. The thought of leaving Marley, Paige and Christine right now freaks the living daylights out of me! They are so young! I have so much more that I want to teach them, share with them, experience with them. I can only imagine what Beth is going through!! If the little money I can raise can help find a cure that can save her or other young Moms like her, then it will be a job well done. Late or not!

I also want to sell some cards I’ve made with a stamp set Stampin’ Up! released in the summer to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.  Here are some pictures of them. Once I figure out how to do this (paypal? etsy store? eBay?) I’ll let you know. If you’re interested, please leave me a comment.

Thanks. Think Pink!!

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  1. Roxy says:

    I love these, Alison, they are gorgeous!!! Etsy is pretty cool, but I’ve seen ordering/paypal links on blogs before, that might be easier, I don’t really know. That must be tough to see your friend suffering this way – I’m with you, I don’t want to go yet! When do you run? Hopefully knowing people like you are supporting her will keep her hopes high! Big hugs, Roxy.

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