Project 12 – February 2010

Okay, Okay, I realize it’s almost April and here I am finally posting my February layout for Project 12. What can I say? February and March have been extraodinarily busy months around here! Scrapping time has taken a back seat to things like the Winter Olympics, birthdays, trips to Maui … not to mention the usual school, kids, housework, etc. I had almost finished my special Olympic themed Project 12 layout before we left for Maui but the majority of the work on February and March’s layouts were done in the past couple days. I came down with a terrible sore throat so took a couple of sick days and was actually able to scrap. It felt good! I’ll post the layout for March in a separate post just to keep things orderly. You may not think it to look at my house, but I LOVE order!!

Enough chit chat, here is February’s layout (based on this sketch.)

Some close ups:
The Olympics aside (I deal with THAT below), the biggest event in February for our household is the birthday of our eldest, Marley. This year she turned 6 and I thought this warranted an entire page just for her. Then to continue my idea of highlighting our girls each month, the second page is close ups of them.
I have a TON of pictures from the Olympics and hope to do an album on it (maybe an 8×8 … someday). It was such a huge event and part of our lives for over two weeks that I thought it needed it’s own layout in my Project 12 album for 2010. In future years I just know we’ll look through this album and if it wasn’t here we’d wonder why. When I originally thought of doing an extra layout for February I just figured I’d follow the same sketch for both. Then I had this “brilliant” idea to create the Olympic rings and fill them with pictures from the various events. Easier thought up than executed!! I am happy-ish with my layout but it needs tweaking. Not that I’m going to play with it anymore. I devoted WAY too much time to get it to where it is today to rip it all apart right now and start again!! Maybe I’ll try to recreate it for my 8×8 … maybe.

Anyway, here it is:

Hope you liked these two layouts. To check out my January 2010 layout go here. I am just about to post my March layout too so stay tuned. Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to Project 12 – February 2010

  1. Oh Wow – I am going to have to CASE this one! You’ve done a fabulous job Allison.

  2. That Olympic layout blows my mind!!!!! Such a cool design! Really, it’s quite brilliant! The maple leaves are a great touch.

    I really like the alphas you are using for your project 12 layout and how you layered them over the hearts in this design. Nicely done!

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