Project 12 – August 2011 and last 2 BIF pages

Just a couple of scrapbook projects to share with you tonight. I’m trying to do so many things right now that my personal scrapbooking has fallen by the wayside. The layout a day portion of the MotherLOAD marathon started on September 1st and I have completed … let’s see … oh yeah, 0 out of 3 layouts so far. Maybe I can go 0 for 26!!

But today I did manage to do my August layout for Project 12 and upload the pictures I took earlier of my last two pages for the Big Idea Festival over at Big Picture Classes. So, here goes …

August 2011

I tried to keep as true to the sketch as I could (it’s a challenge for me when you’re only allowed to use 3 pictures!) I also stared at it for a long time trying to decide if I needed to add anything to the white space on the bottom of the page but eventually chose to leave it as it was. I couldn’t think of what it needed so decided it needed nothing. Oh, and here’s the sketch we were given.
And finally the close ups. 
The left hand side.
The right hand side.

The journalling and title block. Everything on this layout was kept as simple as possible, including the journalling. Just a quick recap of the month’s highlights.
Okay, now the last two pages of my Words to Live By book for the Big Idea Festival (for the previous pages see this post and this post.)

Embrace – I talk about what I want to remember to embrace.
It’s opposite my Moment page so I kept the colours consistent and since there is already a picture of Greg and I in an embrace, I didn’t feel the need for a picture here.

Play – I have probably thousands of pictures of the girls playing but I took this page in a different direction. I took all the scraps from the previously made pages of the book and played with them to create this. The journalling talks about how this scrapping obsession of mine is my way to play. Something I am realizing is really important to do every day – play with your kids, play with your toys (whatever they are – computer, bits of paper, Wii, etc) and play outside.

Okay, that’s all I have for you tonight. Marley is off at a Giant’s game with a friend so we are trying to find ways to make the other two feel like they’re not missing out on anything. So far that is taking the form of watching a little Chopped on Food Network and Star Wars III on SpikeHD – Greg has control of the remote, can you tell? 🙂
School goes back in 2 days … we’re ready. Are you?
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3 Responses to Project 12 – August 2011 and last 2 BIF pages

  1. Roxy says:

    Lookit you, finishing your P12 already, crazy (but very smart!) Love what you did with your play prompt, too, that is something I definitely need help remembering sometimes – although sometimes I try to play and it backfires in the worst way. On Saturday, we were having a picnic in the park, and I decided to ride the swings. Silly momma tried to fly off, ala my gymnastics days, and ended up face planting in the gravel! Luckily nobody else was there! Soooooo embarrassing!

  2. theelfqueen says:

    Love this P12!!! Fantastic use of the border punches!
    And this mini is AWESOME!

  3. This looks great! You didn’t need anything in the white spice and i love your journaling lines.

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