Painting to Match

Good Saturday morning to you all! Hope you have fun plans for today. It is a long weekend here in Canada, AND the last weekend before the girls go back to school.

(insert happy dance here)

What are your plans this weekend? Tonight we are heading over to friends for dinner – mostly so the girls can drool over their new puppy – and this afternoon we may hit a food truck festival. Other than that though, we are just going to soak up every remaining minute of the summer!

I have one last layout to share in my Wood Veneer Stash Busting Challenge. In case you missed them, Part I is here and Part II is here. You can also see how I incorporated extra wood veneer embellishments onto my already finished layouts from my August Gossamer Blue kits here.

For Part III I decided to try adding colour to some wood veneer pieces.

On Two Wheels by Alison Day Designs

I’m still working through my August 2015 Gossamer Blue kit so that means that the majority of the products on this are from the kits that I showed you here. The obvious exceptions are the wood veneer pieces and that green bicycle above the photo. It actually came in my August Scarlet Lime Planner Society kit. Sometimes those kits contain items like this that I have no intention of putting into my planner but it was perfect for this page!

While I love the look of the raw wood veneer, I wanted to mix things up for you guys and show how easy it is to customize your pieces to give them a more cohesive look. To achieve this I simply laid out the bits I had decided to use on this layout onto my craft mat, and painted some mist over them. I didn’t spray them for two reason. I didn’t want a giant mess on my table. Yes, I could have used my ‘spraying box’ (an old shipping box that I use as a misting shelter) but I wanted more precision and control as to where the spray was going. And two, I wanted to make sure I had an even coating of colour on all the pieces. I used Heidi Swapp’s Color Shine in Primrose. The shine is not super obvious but that’s okay. It was the colour I was more interested in anyway!


I started my journaling here above the title but as I was writing realized that everything I wanted to say wasn’t going to fit in this space so I continued it below the photo. I think this is totally acceptable! 🙂


Yes, that is a Geo-tag and yes, it is upside down. By turning it on its head, it’s now an arrow pointing to the subject of this layout. The ‘6’ is her age. See, method to my madness!


One final word and it’s got to do with the piece that says ‘this story’. I really wanted to use it on this layout. Sometimes embellishments seem made for a particular photo or story and this was one of those for me. As I was moving it around the tiny little stem of the ‘y’ broke off. Couldn’t tell? Phew! That means my glue job is better than I thought!

Just goes to show that there is a fix to just about any sort of problem in scrapbooking!

Okay, now get out there and enjoy the weekend! See you on Monday.

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  1. Roxy says:

    Great idea to paint the colour on, then you don’t waste any either! As for mistakes, I glued my last SMASH book page in upside down!!! I had to rip everything out, but all the tears were covered up in the end, so it wasn’t a huge deal. But still, sometimes I wonder if I’m losing my mind!

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