A Celebration of Craft 12×12 Layout

One of the most exciting things about owning your own craft store, is getting an insider look at new products and techniques directly from the manufacturers. My business partner, Amanda, and I are looking forward to one day being able to go in person to such expos as Creativation, but until then, we will participate in as many online ones as we can. I had the opportunity recently to join in on a two day online event called Celebration of Craft. It was hosted by Spellbinders and featured many of the companies that we either currently sell in our store, or hope to sell one day. When I received my kit of supplies I was floored at how packed it was. It has taken me until yesterday to finally finish all the projects (trying to follow along a live video feed while bouncing up and down to serve customers is not really conducive to getting a lot accomplished LOL!)

Yesterday I posted the completed Pinkfresh Studios layout to our Instagram but the process video has taken me a bit longer to edit. Hence the Friday Inspiration … on Saturday.

Here’s what the inspiration page by Anett Gelencser looked like:

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Documenting the Behind The Scenes

Happy Monday! As next week is Halloween, I’m bringing you some inspiration ahead of time to help you document your memories. That way you can just sit back and enjoy the day – scrapbook later!

Last week I showed you a way to make a compilation page to document changing decorations over the years. Today, I want to share a way to document a costume coming together. As fellow crafters, I’m sure you’ve made more than your fair share of costumes over the years. It can be quite satisfying when a concept develops from idea to actuality. I had one of those experiences in 2016.

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Documenting Pumpkins Over the Years

Happy Monday!

Today I am bringing you the first of two Halloween themed Make It Monday posts. This one uses a little kit of embellishments I put together years ago and is now for sale in my store. Take a look at it, and then I’ll show you what I made with it today.

Fun, right? Here’s how I used it to embellish a story about our pumpkins over the last 3 years.

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New Hobbies Adding Joy

Happy Monday. In fact, Happy Thanksgiving Monday! I am off very soon to Thanksgiving dinner #2 but first I have a very quick post with a question for you.

Besides papercrafting, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

Until recently I would have said things like reading a good book, watching TV with my husband, and enjoying a good glass of wine with equally good friends. That was until I got sucked into crocheting.

That’s right, it started innocently enough with the desire to be able to serve my customers better by gaining knowledge about crocheting. And then it turns out I really enjoy it! So now I’m searching up free pattern for leaves and flowers, buying yarn, and sitting in front of the TV with my wee crochet basket. Yep. I’ve become that person!

But seriously, I’d love to hear what hobbies you enjoy when you’re not cutting and pasting pretty papers together. Tell me about them in the comments. And if you’re local and want to crochet with me (or knit, or scrapbook, or art journal …) come to our Wednesday night Drop-in Nights. That way I can combine my love of good conversation with my love for all things crafty!

See you next week for something spooky!

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Creating Solutions That Work … For YOUR Needs

Welcome back to a Make It Monday post. Life got a teensy bit crazy there and my ability to get a post out to you all last week just disappeared.

But that was then and this is now.

I’ve been repeating this to myself a whole lot these days. As life gets increasingly crazy and I spend a lot of it worrying and stressing about money, kids, money, meals, my health … did I say money? … it’s important to pause, take a breath, and remind myself that I can only go from where I am, not where I would like to be. Let this be a reminder to us all to do the same.

That off my chest, let’s get to today’s topic – finding solutions to problems that work for YOU.

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Documenting Back To School

Happy Monday! Today is a weird Monday. It’s a Federal Day of Mourning which means my husband has the day off, and our local school district has declared it a holiday which means my girls have the day off. But we have classes running at the store so have decided to open as usual. Being the Ex-pat that I am, I plan to get up in the middle of the night to catch Her Majesty’s funeral live … I’ll update you tomorrow on how I did. Best laid plans and all that.

As in all things, life moves on. We grieve our losses and never forget those that have left us, but … well, we can’t stay stuck in that grief and sorrow. So today I share a slice of normal with you all.

September is Back to School time. I am a member of the ScrapHappy Design Team and we are talking about Seasons this month on the blog. Back To School feels like its own season to me so that’s what I shared over there. For that post I showed how I created two different layouts using the same supplies and techniques. One tells the story of Marley’s Back to School experience at the University of Waterloo, the other tells the Back to School/First day of High school experience of all three girls. My youngest Christine just started at the high school so this felt like the right sort of story to tell now.

For Make It Monday, I am sharing one more layout that I made that completes the First Day of School stories (there are still more about Marley’s move in experience that I want to tell but those will have to wait). This layout went through a change after I started taking photos of it for this post. Let’s take a closer look …

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Honouring Her Majesty

Today I interrupt my planned schedule (not that I really had one mind you) to bring you a card I made to remember the passing of our gracious Queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

I was born in England and even though we moved all over the globe before settling in Canada when I was 7, I still feel very much attached to Britain. It was with a very heavy heart that I heard of the passing of our Queen last week. This morning I watched as her mortal remains were carried up the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, from Holyrood Palace to St Giles Cathedral. King Charles III and his siblings walking solemnly behind. It was incredibly moving.

I lived in Edinburgh for almost 2 years when I was in my mid-twenties and am very familiar with Royal Mile. My flat was not that far from Holyrood Palace and the Royal Mile was my stomping ground. I would regularly walk for hours all over the city. I loved exploring all the cobbled streets of Old Town, and hiking Arthur’s Seat to see the city spread out around me. Seeing the crowds lining those same streets and filling each flat and shop window along the way made me wish I was there again.

Instead I put my feelings into making a card because that’s what I do!

Here’s a look at my process.

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