Okay, NOW I’m done!

Good morning! This post is a day later than I’d promised but it’s full of the last 4 layouts in my daughter’s Grad album so I hope you’ll forgive me.

(Like you have a choice! LOL)

After taking stock of the album and identifying the gaps, I set to work to fill them. First up, a title page.

Layout #16 – Grad 2017

I am much happier with this layout now that I’ve cut out the middle of those stamped letters!

Clear the desk #16 - Grad 2017 by Alison Day

And moving the gold arrows from the left side to the right balances things better too.

This was for the Scraplift Sunday challenge at Paper Issues (remember, I’m trying to complete as many of their monthly challenges as I can). Here is a quick look at the inspiration layout again.

Scraplift Sunday April 8 2018

Did you know that all those raised dots on her title are made with Nuvo Crystal drops? I have really got to try that technique, it’s awesome!

Next up I got messy!

Layout #17 – Row By Row

I’ll be honest, I’m not totally in love with this page. It’s kind of how I feel about most of my mixed media work – meh. I’m going to live with it and see how I feel about it in a few weeks/months but right now, if I had the energy, I’d probably just rip the whole thing apart. Do you ever feel that way about your layouts? Here’s a close look so you can judge for yourself.

Clear the Desk #17 - Row By Row by Alison Day

I am happy that I decided to use the green paper. I’m pretty sure if I’d put it back into my stash it would have languished there for ages! It’s really not a colour I gravitate towards so I have no idea how I ended up with two of that paper in my stash in the first place! I think the white gesso was a good call. I also think the pink paint was a good call BUT I wish I’d used a brush to spread it around more. The small drops are all but covered up now. What wasn’t a good call was the black ink. I’m kind of glad that most of it is covered up! The gold stenciling was a failure too – you saw that in the video – but I wish I’d splattered gold on the page instead of the black. Oh well, live and learn and move on!

Which brings us to another layout that I love and I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Layout #18 – Yummy

Can you guess why? Here’s the layout in full.

Clear the Desk #18 - Yummy by Alison Day

Yup, it’s all that white space! I think I may need to take a few months to scrap with nothing but white card stock bases!! All the patterns and layers I usually use are great and I do love them, but this sort of layout is like taking a deep breath. Knowing that, moving forward I will be sure to have plenty of this type scattered throughout my albums! Breathing room, people. We all need breathing room!

This was for the Wide Open Spaces challenge at Paper Issues and I think I may have to make more layouts like this and enter them! LOL!

Layout #19 – This Is Family

With this layout I am calling my album done. In a few days I’ll do another walk through of the finished album but for now I need a break! Here’s this completeded layout.

Clear the Desk #19 - This is Family by Alison Day

The background is busy, and again, I was originally not going to use it as a background but changed my mind. (In the spirit of using the kit you’ve collated to the last drop, this needed to be used. And as my last full 12×12 piece of paper, it was the logical choice for my final layout for this album.) Which is why I purposefully kept all the other pieces as clean and pattern free as I could.

This was for the No Cardstock Allowed challenge over at Paper Issues. Usually not a problem for me but with such a busy background I really wanted to mat those photos with card stock! I chose the solid back to a 6×6 piece of paper and another 6×6 pattern that was shades of one colour so not too busy. Hope that’s not considered cheating! Technically it’s not card stock! LOL!

Okay, that’s it. Like I said, I’ll do a walk through for you in a few days but right now I need a break. I have literally scraps of paper left from my kit which I may try to pull together into another Wide Open Spaces type layout … we’ll see. I may also just sweep them all into the recycling! (#dontjudgeme) Whatever happens I’ll be sure to post here to stay tuned.

Thanks guys, have a great day!


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  1. I’m amazed at all you are creating Alison! Awesome work!

    • daydesigns says:

      Thank you Melissa. Watching my daughter flip through the finished album while Facetiming with some of her friends that are in it was the best thank you I could ever have received! So happy it’s done!

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