Not Bad For a First Effort With Needle and Thread

WOW Summer 2016 Edition

If you’ve been following along with my special Words on Wednesday posts this summer, then you know I’ve almost completely abandoned them.


Last week though, I got the notion into my head to teach my girls to sew.

(insert hysterical laughter here)

While shopping at Walmart for a couple last Back To School supplies, I took the girls over to the fabric department to see what they had in the way of quilting fat quarters. In my head I thought a few small pieces of brightly patterned cotton would be perfect for a simple bag or pillow case. Nothing fancy. Just straight seams. That would be easy enough, right?

You know what? It was!

(insert totally shocked face here)


Marley had been given a sewing basket for her birthday a year or two ago and was only too pleased to finally use it. At twelve, she was by far the quickest to pick up the basics. Although, her stitch lengths left quite a bit to be desired! Baby steps, right?


Paige and Christine got on much better than I thought. Perhaps it helps to channel your inner Elsa?

The pink box in the background is their sewing box. I helped them cover a shoe box (one that has a hinged lid) with pink wrapping paper and let them go nuts decorating it. They’ve separated the inside with a piece of cardboard and happily stashed all their remnants into it. I think they might have been more excited about making the box than the actual project!


The girls got to pick their own fabrics and the final design of their pillows. This one is Marley’s. It still needs to be sewn together in this shot – once they are all finished I’ll post a picture. While they are away visiting their grandparents I plan to finish them and have them waiting on their beds.


Here are all three. Like I said, each got to design how they wanted it to look. And each perfectly reflects their personalities!

Marley’s is more mature and classical in both colour and the patterns on her fabrics.

Paige’s (the blue and yellow one) gave her some difficulty. It took a bit of effort to decide on a design. Her “big picture thinker” personality came into play here. I was trying to sketch a pattern out only to be met with a blank look. Once I gave her the fabrics and showed her some options of how they could be laid out, she was in her element and quickly delivered to me the design she wanted. It’s fun and playful, just like her. The back panel has little kitten paw prints all over it. So typical of my cat lover!

Christine opted for something totally different from her sisters – also in keeping with her personality! It is fun, bright, and pink!

I am really pleased with all these pillows. The seams aren’t straight. The stitches aren’t evenly sized or spaced. But they did it. All of it! Even Christine. And I really thought she was going to give up early. I love it when they prove me wrong is such a fabulous way!

Okay, off to tighten my Super Mummy Cape, shine my tiara, and bask in the glory that is a project successfully finished!

Until next week then. Have a good one!

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