My Family – Mini Album

Almost a year ago I attended my very first Crop (see this post) where I signed up to make a mini album at one of the classes offered. I was still pretty new to the scrapping world and really had no idea what I’d signed up for. During that class I started to feel the full effects of the stomach flu bug I was incubating so didn’t finish the album at the Crop. I brought it home intending to finish it and gift it to Greg on his 40th. Oops! Sorry Hon!!

I recently moved all the scrapping supplies from the dining room into our home office and have spent the last little while trying to get them organized to my liking. During this process I came across the unfinished album plus the pictures (now a year old or more!) and decided to finish it. Part of my Happiness Project is to finish those nagging unfinished projects I’ve had on my plate for ages. Only this time I decided I would make it for myself. A Brag Book of sorts. Something for me to keep in my purse. It’s done now. Want to see it? Ha, ha, ha! Like you have a choice!!

Thanks for looking!
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  1. Roxy says:

    Wow, it’s stunning! Hard to believe you’ve only been scrapping such a short time!!! I, too, have some projects just waiting to be finished. I found another one this morning when I was, wait for it…cleaning up my scrap space! Too weird! Well, can’t wait to see more, and I’ll email ya soon, or you can write me; Have a great day, full of happiness!

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