Mini Album #1 – For Marley

My husband and I recently visited my family in Britain. I had a cousin getting married at the end of August so we took advantage of 10 days together sans children.

Say what?! No kids? However did you manage that?

One word. Grandparents.

Okay, two words. Awesome grandparents!

But as much as my girls love spending time with them, I knew they would miss us. Marley especially. She’s been going through a particularly rough separation anxiety phase lately. At 10 we were not expecting it! To hopefully help alleviate things I made little mini albums for each girl.

Today I am sharing Marley’s with you. 

I used my Surf’s Up kit from August to create all three albums. I am simply going to show you a photo of each page and let the journaling and photos do the talking for me. To preface things I will say that I used a piece of card stock for the cover – cut at 4″ x 12″ and scored at 6″. I happened to have 2 sheets of the textured yellow paper so I could cover all 3 with it. Washi tape helped strengthen the spine side of each page where the holes were punched too.

Okay, Marley’s album …

Mini Album for Marley














Even with this piece of me to hold onto, Marley had a rough first couple of days. But there was no calling us to come and pick her up because she was feeling homesick! Grandma dealt with most of the late night tears, fears and need to talk – God bless her! She has come through it stronger and more secure in herself though and reports of her behaviour were exemplary – and I’m sure not biased at all (snort)!!

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  1. Ali MacDonald says:

    3 words: Absolutely AWESOME, Alison!!!!!

    PS~ (You are the only Alison I know who spells her name w/ one”l” — like I do.) 🙂

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