Making Progress with a Pocket Page

Happy Saturday Crafters!

What are you working on this weekend? I thought we had a “free” day – you know, one of those rares day with no field hockey, soccer, or birthday parties to attend – but it turns out the girls and I are heading to watch their best friends’ dance show. Not a hardship, I assure you! I’ll take dance over soccer any day! And the hubs is happy too. He gets to stay home and watch World Cup (or whatever competition is currently going on in France at the moment) in peace and quiet!

Before that happens though, since everyone is home for most of the day and clearly will be looking for things to do … it’s time to tackle some neglected chores.


I may sneak into my Scrap Cave in between chores though. I’ve got a bug in my bonnet to get my youngest daughter’s First Year Album finished! Last night I worked on it and got a few more layouts completed. I’ll share them in the coming weeks but for today I’ve got an update on a previous post. I made the 6×12″ pocket page I talked about in the video. I don’t make pocket pages very often and making this one reminded me why. Some people find them faster to put together than a traditional 12×12″ layout but for me, they take WAY longer. Not sure why. I think I get bogged down in trying to make each pocket a thing of beauty. I need to get better at embracing the “stick it in a pocket and go” philosophy!

Until then, I’ll muddle through making the odd pocket page because I do like the change of pace it offers my albums.

Anyway, enough blabbing, here’s the “layout”.

Your Name is Special - a Pocket Page by Alison Day Designs

To take the photo I simply laid out each card side by side. In the album these will be back to back so try and picture it as you look at the photos! I’ll do a video walk through of the whole album once it’s finished but until then you are on your own!

From top left: My sister-in-law – the original Christine Day if you will – meeting her namesake for the first time. Below that is my father’s mother, Christine Campbell. Because I could tie the name to my family also, I was more agreeable to it. Does that sound mean? I just didn’t want to start any wars with my brothers (I have 4) over why we didn’t name one of our girls after them. Andrea, Mattina (IS there a feminine of Matthew?), Davina or Paulina perhaps? Anyway, having it also be my grandmother’s name made it extra special to me. Bottom of that column is the title card.

Top Right: Christine’s middle name is Elizabeth (as is mine) after my mother’s mother, Elizabeth Jackson. I was named for her because she passed away shortly before I was born and seeing as we were already honouring one of my grandmothers, it seemed highly appropriate to honour the other too! Below that is the journaling block and then another photo of my sister-in-law.

Here are close up shots of some of the cards. Keep in mind these are all 4×6″ in size.

The title card:

Title pocket by Alison Day Designs

The journaling card:

Journaling pocket by Alison Day Designs

My grandma Campbell – not an original photo by the way. I scanned the original and then printed it at 3.5×5″ and trimmed it leaving a white border as if it were an old photo.

My paternal grandparents by Alison Day Designs

My grandma Jackson (holding my brother).

My maternal grandmother by Alison Day Designs by Alison Day Designs

I love this insert. I’m not sure why I haven’t done a page about how we chose her name and who she’s named after. It is such a major part of her story! I guess it’s one of those things that you’ve told so often it becomes “ordinary”. But now that it’s in the album it makes me so happy!

If you are lucky enough to get some crafting time this weekend let us know about it. Comment here with a link or post a pic on my Facebook page. I love looking at what everyone else is creating. It gets my own juices going!

Have a great weekend everyone. See you Monday!

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