Making a Start with my 2022 December Album

Hello and welcome to Tuesday, otherwise known as Monday-Too. LOL

Apologies for almost missing another Make it Monday. Some weeks simply fly past and before I clue in, it’s too late to make something for the blog. Other weeks I’m all over it! Whatcha gonna do? This week I caught myself somewhere in the middle of “too late” and “organized” but managed to salvage things for you.

And I have a question. Do you make a special album to document your December Memories? I’ve been doing just that for years – with varying degrees of success along the way. My 2020 album was completed in late 2021, and my 2021 album … well, watch the video below to see just how far that project has come! This year I’ve made the commitment to myself and to the followers of Ladner Village Arts & Crafts that I will not only keep an album, but also share my progress in our Stories. Yikes! The pressure’s on!

To that end, I brought in the Evergreen & Holly collection from Vicki Boutin and will be using it all month. Here’s a quick video showing the collection pieces I’ll be using as well as my process to creating the cover embellishment for my album.

What do you think? It’s a gorgeous collection isn’t it? Here’s a close up of my album cover.

A couple of tips to help you add a decorative piece like this to a pre-printed album. Firstly, use items that are in a similar style to the design on the album. This is easy to do when you’re using products from the same collection, but what if you’re not? Look for colour cues, texture cues, and style cues like whether the album is distressed, clean and classic, or more vintage. If so, then look for products in the same style.

Secondly, when placing your added elements onto the cover, be sure to overlap your pieces with any design already there. When I was looking at where to position my block, I purposefully placed it over the scalloped edges of the green layers on the left. If I had placed it only in the white area, it would have looked out of place. It wouldn’t have been connected to the green design elements on the cover and therefore wouldn’t have been as pleasing to the eye as it is now. And because my decorative piece has many overlapping layers on it that are not lined up in a neat and orderly fashion, it’s logical to also place it overlapping the green design on the cover.

And now it’s your turn. Do you create albums like this? Ones that intentionally and specifically document one period of time in your life? If so, how do you structure it? How do you fit in the time to do the documenting every day/week? And what sort of supplies do you use? Do you simply pull from your stash as and when you need it, depending on the story you are telling that day? Or do you create/buy a kit of supplies that you use over the course of the project? I’d love to hear more in the comments.

If you’d like to shop our Evergreen & Holly line, please click on the photo below. Our store is celebrating Black Friday with deals in store all day so if you’re local, please stop by and pick up a deal. If you’re not local, look for our Cyber Monday sale where everything online will be 25% with code CYBER25. Only valid from 12:00am to midnight Monday November 28th. Happy shopping!

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