Make It Monday – Custom Boxes

Have you ever needed a box to package up something you just made but haven’t been able to find one that fits your project?

Well, for today’s Make It Monday I will share with you an easy way to make one for any sized item!

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You should have arrived here from Melissa who unveils her Not-Quite-December-Daily foundation pages. I’ll admit that despite having my date cards cut and in their pockets (thank you Creative Christmas Bundle!) my own December Daily album is woefully unprepared for today’s arrival of December!! Guess I know what I’m working on later today!

I helped to organize, as well as participated as a vendor in, a Christmas Market at my daughters’ school this past weekend. In preparation I created several boxed card sets to sell. I needed to make my own box and after sketching out a simple template I knew I had to share it with the world. Starting with you!

Custom Boxes Made Easy

Clicking on the link above will open a PDF for you to download.

Now check out this short video where I demonstrate how easy it is to make a box.

Wasn’t that easy? Hardest part is the math!!

What if you are not making a box for cards? No problem! Like I just said, the hardest part is the math. Once you know the dimensions of your item, you can add up all the numbers to see how big a piece of paper you need to start with.

Need to make a box for – oh, let’s pick a random object I happen to have nearby – a bottle of wine? No problem. Your width and length are 3.25” and your height is 12” (for a standard bottle). Just use the 7/8” measurement for your fold-over “cuff” at the top. This creates a nice neat and strong top edge. Yes, a standard letter sized piece of card stock isn’t going to work here but get creative! Use some wrapping paper and reinforce it with chipboard. You’ve already figured out all your dimensions so the construction will be a breeze!

You can use this template to make a lid for your box too! Simply make it 1/8″ bigger than your base and use the 1″ and 7/8″ side measurements.

Inspired? Good. Now head on over to Connie who is sharing another layout using bits and pieces from the Creative Christmas Bundle.

Speaking of the Creative Christmas Bundle, you only have until midnight Eastern today to get all 15 projects for only $29.99. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Of course, you can always get each piece from each designer but you’ll be paying a lot more for them! Why not take advantage of this low price and buy yourself or your best crafting buddy an early Christmas Gift!

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  1. Janet Carr says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your video with us!! LOVED it!!

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    This is so cool, I just pinned it!!!

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