LOAD516 – Let’s Get This Party Started!

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Welcome to LOAD516!

It’s day number one and I am so excited to be the first Feature Scrapper of the month. Big shout out to Alice, our hostess with the mostess, Go To Gal Kelli, and all the rest of the Featured Scrappers. I know we are going to miss Lain but I also know that she has left us in such capable hands. Alice has awesome plans up her sleeves!!

So let’s get to it.

Today’s prompt was a lot of fun for me to tackle. I even made a cut file on my Silhouette for the occasion. You can see it and my layout come together in this video.

I think I will have to make one of these kinds of layouts every year. Right now I am doing The Mom Thing but I know that won’t last forever. If I had been making this layout a year ago it would have looked quite different as I was working outside the home then. I never really understood Ali Edward’s drive to do Week In the Life but I think I get it now … a little. I’m still not prepared to take photos of me as I wake up (no need to break the internet with THAT image!) but I can see how documenting what the every day looks like will be interesting for us to look back on down the road.


If you are wanting to try this out then you can access my cut file here. Please use this for your own personal pages only – if you’d like to use it for commercial purposes we can talk but otherwise, uh uh. Also, be courteous and give me the credit due when you post the layout online. Oh yeah, and have fun!! Cheers!

Here are some close up shots of my layout.


I am not sure on what planet I thought I’d be able to fit all my writing on this one little journaling spot! Thank goodness I had similar cards I could die cut to add to another part of the page.


I have been hording that piece of flair for a couple years now. It feels SO good to see it here on the page!


Confession time: what I really wanted was a photo of these two cuties walking down the driveway but they saw the camera and started hamming it up. So … gotta roll with it some days!



Another confession time: not all of these photos were taken on the same day. This one of me driving was taken by my daughter as I was driving them home from the local ski hill several weeks ago. The laundry was from before Christmas. The one of my daughter’s ballet shoes was from two December Dailies ago. But it’s so fantastic when all those little glimpses can come together to tell a cohesive story!

Thank you for stopping by today. Even though I’ve already made a layout for day one I still plan to get crafty today! It’s a typical Sunday around here – field hockey and soccer. I don’t think I’ve made a layout specifically about my Sunday’s so that may have to be what I work on today. Can’t wait to see all of your layouts in the gallery! And if you’re new to my site then please feel free to have a look around. I’d love to have you on my newsletter list – every so often I add cut files like the one I made for you all today and send it just to my special peeps! You can also check out my other social links at the top right of this page if you prefer to stay in touch that way.

Thanks again and Happy LOADing!!

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6 Responses to LOAD516 – Let’s Get This Party Started!

  1. Tina C says:

    Fantastic layout Alison 🙂 Love the look of a clock with your layout talking about your day 🙂 Great start to a great month of LOAD 🙂

  2. Danielle says:

    OMG this layout is amazing!! I feel so inspired and what a fantastic way to kick off LOAD516!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    I love your layout! Glimpses into everyday life and thanks for the cut file! Great inspiration!

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