LOAD516 – My first Week’s Efforts

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In case you’re not aware, I’m participating in LOAD this month. In fact, I’m one of Alice’s Featured Scrappers! Very exciting!!

I’ve already completed my layouts with the prompts I received in advance (and have scheduled those posts to be released on the right days), but I have been trying to also play along each day. So far I’ve completed 5 (and a half) layouts – not a perfect score but sometimes even fun events like LOAD need to take a back seat to real life. I know, I know! Real life! Whose brilliant idea was that anyway?

Want to see what I’ve made so far this month?

Like you have a choice! LOL!

Day #1 – What does a typical day look like?

LOAD516-1 Any Given Sunday

Since LOAD516 kicked off on a Sunday, and I was the featured scrapper for that day which meant that I’d already shared what my typical day looked like, I decided to scrapbook about what my typical Sundays look like. And that tends to be on the side of a field somewhere. From September through March it’s a soccer field, but right now it’s a field hockey field. I’m using some recently purchased Shimelle Starshine products along with my massive stash items! I posted a video to my Facebook page that shows what I purchased. Just click the link above to see it.

Day #2 – You don’t have to like it but I …

LOAD516-2 I'll Have the Lovely Haggis

I’m one of those odd ducks that actually likes haggis. I know, but hey, I’m Scottish. I’m pretty sure it’s in our pledge or DNA or something! While my husband and I were in Edinburgh in 2014 we ate at a fabulous little pulled pork joint where one of the options was to add haggis. So I did! When in Scotland and all that! Pulled pork, haggis, and apple jam. I’m sure it sounds disgusting to most of you but it was really good. I promise!

Day #3 – What makes you laugh?

LOAD516-3 Beauty and a Bear

I’ve been looking for a story line for these goofy photos of my two younger daughters – really only the middle one was being a goof, as usual! And this prompt was perfect. I paired my photos with this gorgeous floral paper of Shimelle’s. Because, why not?

Day #4 – Chores, add them up, how much time do they take?

LOAD516-4 Weekly Planning

I took this photo of my shopping cart in December of 2014 but it never made it into my December Daily. It seemed like a good time to print it off and journal about our habit of writing up a weekly menu.

Day #5 – What is your favourite place?

LOAD516-5 #Scrapcave Evolution page and a half

This is my page-and-a-half page. Originally I just did the 12×12 layout. As I was uploading it I made a note that I had purposefully not journalled on the page as I had too much to say so I’d add a 6×12 accompanying page at some point. Well, I found myself with a bit of extra time that day and a desire to get the story down so I just got to it.

LOAD516-5 #Scrapcave Evolution

The 12×12 came together quickly with three photos from various times – one of where I used to scrapbook circa 2012 (yes, somehow I fit myself in that chaos and created pretty pages), one of the new paint job in progress, and the last one was taken that day, of my desk (that I quickly tidied!) I’ve been wanting to do a layout about my little ScrapCave (as I call it) so this was a perfect prompt for me.

LOAD516-5 Journaling for #Scrapcave Evolution

This is the 6×12 companion page. I chose a light grey background paper to coordinate with the grey Shimelle paper on my 12×12. Then I wanted to bring in the colours from the other page which I managed to do with the turquoise circles. The clocks were die cut from an old Teresa Collins paper and I liked the idea of reflecting the passage of time that this story encompasses.

I have been up to more crafty endeavours over the past few days but none of those were for LOAD. Well, that’s not entirely true. I started to create a layout for the Day #6 prompt which was about hair styles, only to realize half way through that I’d scrapped the pictures and told the story already. And no, there really wasn’t a way to tell a different aspect of the story or anything like that. I admit to having my LOAD train slightly derailed at that point. It happens sometimes but I’ll get it back. Eventually!

That’s all I have so far. I’ll be back on Saturday to share my next batch of LOAD layouts with you. Look for another LOAD516 prompt post and process video as well as a Words on Wednesday post this week. I’ve been a bit remiss with my self imposed schedule of posts so I will have to redouble my efforts to stay on track!

Until then, I wish you a very happy Monday!

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