LOAD516-24 – Gather All The Pretty Papers!

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Welcome to Day 24 of LOAD516!

My humble apologies for this post not going live with prompt. I was confused and thought I was up tomorrow! Oops!

I completely blame my insanely busy weekend! When you are as old as I am you should just know that you can’t possibly hope to function on 4.5 hours sleep!! It messes you up for days!

But, moving on …

Today’s prompt was about what makes you feel confident or courageous and I freely admit, if I feel like I look like a million bucks, then I can act like it too! Here’s my process video in which I explain that a whole lot better and show you how I gathered all my favourite and pretty things to make my layout.

And the finished layout.


It took some work and several trips back into my stash to make it come together but in the end, I achieved my original goal of using all the pretty things. Pretty makes me happy! I think that’s why I have gravitated towards the arts and crafts world. Interior Design, scrapbooking and card making all involve taking raw elements and combining them to make something beautiful. Something you can be proud to show off as your work. I may not be saving lives with cutting edge technological advances, or molding young minds so they develop some fantastic new device, but in my own small way I am making the world a nicer place to live. Right?

I think I must still be feeling the effects of my weekend. I’m waxing poetic!! Enough!


When I first started making scrapbook pages, I would never have mixed up so many different lettering styles for my title. But now, as my style develops (and my stash of letter stickers dwindles) it has become more of the norm rather than the exception. And I love it! Not only does it mean I get way more titles from one pack of letter stickers, it also adds a ton of interest to my layouts. I can high light a single word in Thickers and force my reader to look more closely to catch the entire title.


In the video I mention that I wasn’t happy about the little bit of teal camera print paper that was visible to the far side of the grey camera. But with all the additions of word phrase stickers and the punched butterfly, it’s no longer visible and therefore not an issue any more. This is truly a case of “more is more”. Keep piling on little bits and pieces until the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts. Am I making sense? I sure hope so. There are many scrapbookers out there that pile on way more than I do and make it look beautiful. I’ve tried that look but it ends up just looking a bit of a mess to me. This amount of “little bits” feels just about right to my eye!


I did end up adding another gold word sticker up in this cluster. If you recall, I ripped the gold doily as I was gluing it down. Hopefully now you can’t see it. But more importantly, hopefully it doesn’t look like I was trying to cover up a mistake! This is where keeping continuity comes into play. Having the same or very similar elements in each embellishment cluster helps to keep the layout cohesive.

Well, that’s all I have for you today. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for this prompt!

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