LOAD516-16 – Odd Socks and Flying Monkeys

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Welcome to LOAD516 Day 16!

We are officially over the half-way point.  How are you doing? If you saw my post on Saturday then you know my answer to that question! But it is a brand new week. Onwards and upwards!!

Today’s prompt had me a bit stumped at first but I got it all sorted out eventually. I talk about it in the introduction to my process video so I’ll just let you watch that instead of prattling on about it here. Enjoy!

And here is my finished layout.


I’m not sure why the part where I chose the black accent strip or that vertical piece in the background got cut out but … technology, am I right? Love it or hate, it’s sometimes a bit unpredictable!

As you could see, it took me awhile to figure out the placement of everything. Sometimes you start a layout with a clear plan in mind (like with my clock inspired Day #1 layout) and sometimes you have to move things around until something clicks. Doesn’t necessarily make for riveting viewing though! In then end, I am very happy with how this looks. I love the hot pink and black combination. It feels young and trendy to me, perfect for a layout about my girls!


I do not normally use rub-ons. Rub-ons and I have an understanding. I don’t use them, and they don’t find their way into my stash. Except for sometimes they do (kits, prizes and the such) so I have to find a way to use them up. The Amy Tangerine ones you saw me use on this layout have been hanging around my stash for quite a long time. Every time I manage to get one onto a layout I do a little celebration dance!

Do you have any stash items like that?


It’s layouts like this that I generally only do during LOAD and that I absolutely love to look back on. When else would you journal about your frustrations at all the single socks floating around your house? Awesome!


And this card. Can we please take a moment to bask in the glorious, awesomeness that is this card?! I laughed out loud when I first opened up the kit it came in (I’m pretty sure it was a Gossamer Blue kit now that I think on it some more) and knew it was going on a layout that had to do with some sort of naughtiness my girls were into. To finally use it makes my heart so happy!

Okay, that it all. Have a great Monday everyone. Can’t wait to see what you come up with today. I’m sure you are all a quirky bunch! 🙂

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