LOAD513 Day 1

It’s he-e-ere!! LOAD513 Get a Clue. Are you LOADing this month? I think there may be a few spots left if you want to join in the fun. We are working our way through the mysteries of the game Clue and creating a layout a day following prompts that relate to it. Does that not sound like fun?! I mean really, who doesn’t love a good mystery game?!

Today we were introduced to Mrs White and were to take that any way we wanted. I chose to embrace white space. White space is any place on a layout that is left unembellished. Places you can see the back ground whether that be solid coloured card stock or patterned paper. Just because it’s called WHITE space doesn’t mean it has to be white or even non-patterned. Confused? Here’s my layout to help you out.

LOAD513-1 For The Love of Owls

To create a layout with a lot of white space it is best to start with a single photo, although you can achieve the same effect if you use several much smaller photos – say 2″x3″. This large photo of my daughter Marley meant that I didn’t need much in the way of patterned papers or embellishments on the page at all. All told, the layout came together in less than 30 minutes which was a good thing as I have been fighting some strange dizzy spells today.

Here are some detail shots to show the embellishments.


The title is made up of small cream letter stickers that do not carry a lot of visual weight as well as some cream newsprint glitter Thickers. (Part of my win from The Paper Bakery !) They may be significantly larger in size than the other letter stickers but they still don’t have a ton of visual weight because of their colour. The glitter helps draw your eye to the title and entice it to stay there long enough to read the entire thing. The banner dimensional sticker does a similar thing as well as grounding the title on the page.


For those who are extra perceptive, you’ll notice that I finally used those owl chipboard stickers that I’d pulled out for this layout. Their colours and motifs were perfect for this!


This little cluster at the top right corner of the page has a purpose. It keeps your eye from flying right off the page as it traveled around looking at everything.True story! If it weren’t there as you looked at this page and tried to take in all the details you would find your eye drawn to the empty corner and you’d miss all the other details. With this small cluster up there, your eye pauses in it’s journey around the page and then keeps going back down to the title and other embellishments.


Here’s a wider shot of the title and embellishments around it. Just as the corner embellishment keeps your eye on the page, the patterned paper with the arrow/chevron print on it directs your eyes to the photo. I purposefully cut these strips into arrows to emphasize this design trick. The yellow word sticker not only adds to the story but it also fills in some awkward trapped white space between that die cut heart and the title.


Tucked behind that heart and the other paper layers is the journaling tag. If the background paper had been flat I  might have used it to write my journaling on. But it is covered with a raised glittered design so writing on it would have been pretty tricky at best! Tucking my journaling here meant I could write a more personal note to my daughter. If you are so inclined, you can pull it out and read it but it’s not on show for the whole world to see at a glance.

Well, there you have it. One down, 30 to go! See you tomorrow!!

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  1. Roxy says:

    I love the design of this page! The cluster at the top is wonderful, and the focus is totally on the photo. Great photo, too! What a cute little owl!!! Where’d you get that doily – is it vellum? Looks so pretty! Anyway, I’m stalling, I should be packing, but dizzy spells are not good! I had some crazy vertigo once, and it was bothering me so much I didn’t think I was safe to drive. Went to the doctor, and he did this trick where I had to lay back off the end of the table, and as I went down, he turned my head to the side. Both sides, 3x each side I think. Young South African doctor, so it’s probably not something they teach at med school here. It worked like a charm, something to do with crystals in the inner ear. I’ve had it a few times since, and I just get Jason to do it to me. So, moral of this story is if you’re not actually sick with the flu, then go find yourself a young South African doctor! (Doesn’t hurt if he’s cute, either!)

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