LOAD218 My Adventures So Far

Curious to see what I’ve been up to so far for LOAD218? Well, look no further, I’ve got all three layouts for you today, plus their corresponding process videos.


Day 1 – Using Multiple Fonts in Your Title

I forgot to add the close up photos to the end of this video – my apologies! Remedied that in future videos. Here they are for you to see.

LOAD218-1 When in Doubt Just Add More Dirt by Alison Day

The journaling reads: Paige was the only one who (excuse the pun) got her hands dirty at the costume distressing station. I think she loved that she had permission to put dirt onto the scrap of cloth they were given! The crafter in me loved that the “dirt” came in deodorant shaped bottles. How perfect would one of those be for distressing my projects?!

LOAD218-1 close up 1

LOAD218-1 close up 2

LOAD218-1 close up 3

Day 2 – Use Galaxy Themed products on your layout

LOAD218-2 Dumbledore's Office by Alison Day - Double page spread

The main bit of journaling reads: From the phoenix statue in the “stairwell” (oh how I wish that turned like in the movies!) to the Sword of Griffindor and the Sorting Hat … I could probably have spent 10x as long here.

LOAD218-2 Dumbledore's Office by Alison Day - left hand page

The left hand page up close.

LOAD218-2 Dumbledore's Office by Alison Day - right hand page

The right hand page up close.

LOAD218-2 close up 1

LOAD218-2 close up 2

LOAD218-2 close up 3

Day 3 – Wearing Inappropriate Clothing

LOAD218-3 Umbridge Pink by Alison Day

The journaling reads: Marley could barely stand to look at this exhibit – she hates Umbridge so much! I love that aspect of the books the most – how real the characters are to us.

LOAD218-3 close up 1

LOAD218-3 close up 2

LOAD218-3 close up 3

I would talk more about the making of this page but I’ve got to run and get ready for a fundraiser AND I’ll do that is my video anyway. Once the video is posted I’ll add it to this post.

02/04 EDITED TO SAY: I’ve added the video above with my voice over.. The one thing I forgot to say was that I really wanted to have a row of cat stickers along the bottom of those photos but I looked through my entire stash and didn’t have a single cat themed anything! How is that possible?? So I settled for all things sickly pink and girly instead. Love how it turned out!

Thanks for looking!

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