LOAD216 – Days 1 – 5 Roundup

There are so many different challenges out there designed to encourage you to get into good habits. Have you tried any of them?

But the original (for me anyway) is the LOAD challenge!

Create a scrapbook layout every day for a month. And it’s happening right now!

I have participated in so many over the years. Even if I don’t always make a layout every day, I still love making what I can, seeing how Lain’s prompts get me to look at my stories in a different way, and stretching my style with new techniques. I’m excited to be up to date so far this time!

Here are my first five days of layouts …

Day 1 – How I Found My Fight Song

LOAD1 - How I Found My Fight Song by Alison Day Designs

The layout answered two challenges actually. The first was for the LOAD prompt (use the colours of the Dutch flag) and the second was issued by Shimelle Lain and was to scrapbook a selfie.

That’s right folks, Shimelle is back! And with her new team she is blogging regularly again and now she will have weekly challenges. Woot! Woot!

Day 2 – From YVR to PHX via SFO

LOAD2 - From YVR to PHX Via SFO by Alison Day Designs

The prompt was about airplane travel and since I’d chosen photos in Day 1 that were from my trip to Arizona last June for the ScrapHappy Family Reunion, I kept with that story and scrapped some of the photos I snapped on my way down. I also remembered having a paper with airplanes on it in an older Gossamer blue kit so I dug it out and used it as my jumping off point. The SFO tag was on the reverse of that paper and since I’d changed planes in San Fransisco it was perfect!

Day 3 – TS

LOAD3 - TS by Alison Day Designs

For the uninitiated, TS is short for Taylor Swift! I deviated from my Reunion photos to scrapbook these ones instead. The prompt was about music and I couldn’t think of a way to tie in my reunion story to that so … a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?

As it turns out I’d forgotten about a fantastic Conga Line story from Reunion … oh well. Maybe there will be another music prompt!

Day 4 – Once Upon a Time we Learned a New Word

LOAD4 - Once Upon a Time We Learned a new Word by Alison Day Designs

Back to Arizona and the prompt was about language so this story seemed appropriate. A ‘Haboob’ is what the sand storms are called down there. It was a pretty crazy time – all our cell phones were ringing with warnings to stay inside. So of course, we went outside to check it out! LOL!

Day 5 – Happy 2B First

LOAD5 - Happy 2B First by Alison Day Designs

The prompt was about landmarks and since one of our field trips was to the Sugar Bowl for dessert, I ran with it. The Sugar Bowl is pretty famous – even finding its way into the Family Circus cartoons. I may be lactose intolerant but I loaded up on Lactaid and indulged my inner ice cream tooth!

The neon green of our Reunion shirts was pretty bossy and I had to dig all the way to the bottom of my scrap drawer to find papers that would work with it!

Okay, off to create today’s layout – about geography! I’m sensing a map in my future!!

Have a great weekend everyone. If you’re also doing LOAD be sure to stop by my Facebook page and tell me what your favourite prompt has been so far.


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  1. Libby Wiers says:

    Terrific pages! I always comment or the 5-10 that were posted just before mine in the Flickr gallery, but I haven’t run across yours yet. I’ll have to look you up!

    • daydesigns says:

      Thanks Libby. I’ve got to admit, I’m TERRIBLE at commenting! I tend to post and run. I think today I will spend some time in the gallery commenting my heart out!

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