LOAD213 Day 27 – Learn Something New

I can hardly believe it is the second to last day of LOAD213 today! My prompt for today was to “learn something new”. My techniques and my story are both about learning something new!
When Marley was 4 we signed her up for Blast Ball – a pre T-ball type sport that Ladner was running for 4 year olds. One of the parents at her preschool was heading up the program and a lot of her preschool friends were signing up so we thought ” what the heck”. Neither Greg nor I particularly like baseball (except for that period in first and second year university I alluded to here :)) but we felt it was important for our outgoing, active little girl to try a variety of things to see if any of them “stuck”. Thankfully, Blast Ball did not stick! She had fun and sort of asked about it the following year but that was also her first year of soccer so she never really bugged us about it to the point of us caving!
So that was the “try something new” in the story. As far as the layout goes, I was going through a phase of trying out new multimedia techniques and threw several at this layout to see what would happen. I have several sheets of super bright card stock in my stash (no doubt purchased on sale or something!) and one technique I discovered in LOAD1012 was covering them in white paint to mute the intensity. For this one I used gesso as I wanted to be able to easily add other mediums on top without getting any sort of reaction from the base coat. 

When the gesso was still wet I laid a piece of bubble wrap onto it. This happened to be super sized bubble wrap so the result was a back ground of dots that almost look like soft balls. How serendipitous!
Next I wanted to see if I could create a look of grass along the bottom of my page. I took several shades of green Gelatos and coloured the bottom edge of the card stock. Then I flipped it over and sprayed it liberally with water until the Gelatos dripped down the page. I stopped the drips when I had reached the effect I wanted and dried them with my heat gun. I love the way it looks!
I’ll leave you with a couple of close up shots of my title clusters. 

This first one shows you the different layers – paper, journaling tags, stickers on pop dots … it all adds up to interest and texture.
Here you can see that I added a couple of cute pennants from Pebbles. They seemed to fit the theme!
Well, there you have it. My last layout for LOAD213 (unless by some miracle I find time tomorrow to scrap something other than a DT assignment!!) It has been such a blast creating these layouts for Lain, then seeing them on the videos and hearing my words coming out of Lain’s mouth. I did not think she was going to read them verbatim and if I am ever asked to contribute to a future LOAD will definitely chose my words more carefully!! I’d proof read better too!! LOL!
Thank you Lain for giving me this opportunity to showcase my work. It means more to me than words can say! Thank you to all who have stopped by to view my work and were kind enough to leave comments. I appreciate every one of you!!
And now off to figure out Marley’s goody bags!! Her birthday party is on Saturday and  am trying to make owls out of paper bags. Yikes!

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