LOAD213 Day 17 – Love Letters

This is not your average love letter! LOL!
Lain challenged us today to write a love letter to one of our possessions as a way of feeling greater connection to them. I can definitely say I feel a greater connection to my laptop now! Since creating this layout – inspired by a total hard drive failure which left my laptop languishing in the tech room at Future Shop until just the other day – I have gained an appreciation for it which I hope never to lose.
This is an 8.5×11 layout turned landscape. It may be a challenge to fit into my albums but sometimes when you’re working on something and conventional sizing or orientation isn’t working, you just need to shake it up. Then it can literally turn things around for you! 
As I said to Lain, I kept the colours light and fun in an effort to keep the mood light and fun. Believe me when I say this was not a fun time in my life. Being told my data was gone and knowing that my last back up was 8 months prior made me feel quite sick inside. THEN being told I could recover said data for a mere $1600 was more than a little gut wrenching! $1600?! Seriously?! 
After some serious thought and a fair bit of “head in the sand” ignoring the problem in a vain attempt to make it go away, the tech guys and I came up with the solution that I’d buy a new hard drive for my laptop, they’d install it under warranty and then I could start fresh. $160 vs $1600. SOLD!! So now, if I ever find someone or something that can recover my data for significantly less than $1600, I have my old hard drive in my hot little hands. It’s not being sent back to some manufacturer in a far away land where I’ll never see it (or my data) again!!
Lesson well and truly learned!!
And now some detail shots for you.

I love this clock washi tape. The colours worked for my layout and the time motif reinforces the idea that I lost those 8 months as well as works as a reminder to set up a regular back up schedule from now on!

My title ended up having to be a little bit crazy because I didn’t have all the uppercase letters I needed, but in the end I think it also helps with the lighthearted feel I was going for.

I don’t do this a lot, but when I was looking at this layout once it was ‘finished’ I felt like this corner needed a little something extra. Instead of adding more embellishments, I roughed up the edges of the paper and then added a little rip. This is one of those design techniques that I generally don’t go for because I like a cleaner look but it really works here.

One last embellishment.
Thanks for coming by today. I appreciate you taking the time to check out my work! I hope you have a fantastic Sunday. If you have the time today – BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER!! Preferably to an external source! Consider yourself told!! 🙂

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