LGS April Week 1

I am a little bit late to the party this week. Okay, a LOT late! Life got completely out of control towards the end of Spring Break and the result was my total and complete failure to get my assignment in on time. Yep, definitely get a big fat F this week!!

The kids are back at school and I have found time to complete quite a few assignments so without further ado, here is the sketch for this week and my layout.

LGS April Week1 - Pixie Hollow

LGS April Week1 – Pixie Hollow

As you can see, I have flipped the sketch to suit my landscape photos. I also played with the arrangement because I wanted to try to keep the photos in their original 4×6 size. In the end I cropped the one on the bottom left but it is of some of the landscape around Pixie Hollow so I’m okay with it being smaller. The designers at Disneyland do such an amazing job of keeping everything cohesive and pay such close attention to detail. The gardens on either side of the path where we lined up to see Tinkerbell were full of tiny details like this little pixie statue! I felt the addition of this little lady completed the story.

Here are some of my details.


When I was purchasing products to use in this album I added a package of chipboard Tinkerbell and friends shapes to my cart. I got to break them out for this layout – love cracking open a new package of product, don’t you? Included was a Vidia image which was perfect as she was the other pixie in attendance the day we were there.


There were several different Tinkerbell shapes and I chose this one for a very cheeky reason. Greg admitted to me afterwards that he may have taken a few more pictures of Tinkerbell than he’d originally planned to because she was so cute. Hmmm ….. This Tinkerbell seems to be flirting a little bit with the camera so … she’s all yours Greg! LOL!


More of those chipboard shapes and also an old SMASH date stamp with anther appropriate sentiment. If you can’t have fun with your scrapbook pages, when can you have fun?!


I know I will always remember Tinkerbell’s name but the names of the other pixies escape me on a regular basis so I added Vidia’s name to this layout as a permanent reminder. I had to go looking in the girls’ autograph books to even figure out who she was!!


And finally my title. When I was planning where the pictures would go I purposely left this space for the title. It’s always satisfying when something actually works as planned!!

Okay, now it’s your turn. What will you do with this week’s sketch? Can’t wait to see what you upload to the site.


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