Christmas Market Crafting Kits

Christmas Crafting Kits

Thank you for purchasing one of my Christmas Crafting Kits!!

I really hope you and your children have fun using your imaginations, as well as the ideas you’ll find here, to create some cards, ornaments, and more this holiday season. I’ve curated these kits in such a way that you’ll need few extra supplies. Of course, if you have a craft cupboard at home, adding some items from it will enhance and stretch these kits even further!

As a mum to three daughters, I have had to while away many a long winter break with little ones underfoot and “bored”. Since I’m generally crafty, I can usually come up with projects to make that don’t leave my kitchen in that “post disaster” state commonly found after children have had their fill of glitter and stickers.


(There was that one birthday party a few years ago … I am still vacuuming glitter out of my carpets!!)

But I digress …

2016 Imagination Kit Contents

What you’ll find in your kit:

  • Card stock – 8 pieces cut to 5.5″ x 8.5″
  • Christmas patterned paper – 3 pieces cut to 5.5″ x 8.5″
  • One sheet of assorted Christmas themed stickers (vary from kit to kit)
  • One watercolour painting sheet (images vary from kit to kit)
  • 15 pipe cleaners in assorted colours
  • One bag of assorted winter/Christmas themed foam stickers
  • One tube of glitter glue (colours vary kit to kit)
  • One glue stick
  • 5 Popsicle sticks
  • One bag of googly eyes
  • One bag of assorted beads
  • One spool of ribbon (colours and prints vary kit to kit)
  • One small Christmas themed rubber stamp (images vary kit to kit)
  • One (unsharpened) pencil with holiday themed eraser top.

As you can see, there are a few differences from the photo above (which is a kit from 2016 that I opened to play with for this post) and the contents in your kit. Those changes came about because I played with the kit to see what all could be made from it. Below you’ll find examples of what I made and more explanation of why I changed the kits. Also, tips and advice on things to add and/or use that will greatly enhance your child’s enjoyment of this kit.

Basic supplies you'll need

Basic supplies you’ll need

Basic items needed to start creating:

  • Scissors – whatever size is most comfortable for you and your child to use. I pulled out two pairs – a large pair to cut out basic shapes, and a small pair that my daughter could use and I could use for finer detail cutting.
  • Tape and/or glue – I’ve pictured a roll of tape commonly used with gift wrapping, as well as a “tape runner” that I use in my own paper crafting. This is a double sided tape that’s easy to apply, decently sticky, and when purchased at a dollar store, an inexpensive way to stick paper together.

Other supplies you may want to gather:

  • Some sort of wet glue. The glitter glue included in the kits is best for adding a glittery, decorative touch, not adhering things together. White school glue is a great choice and if you don’t already have a bottle (or 10) lying around, it can be picked up inexpensively at a dollar store.
  • Something to use as a stencil. Cookie cutters make great stencils, or you can print off this sheet, cut out the shapes and trace around them.
  • Markers, coloured pencils, crayons, pastels, or any other colouring medium you have laying around. Fantastic for decorating hand made cards with your own art work!
  • A paint brush to use on the water colouring sheet. Fingers or a cotton swab can be used in a pinch too!
  • Ink pad. It’s not totally necessary, but if you have one, get it out. The small stamp included in the kits can also be used with markers or paints. In fact, I used a red marker on mine to stamp the red trees on the Kraft coloured card you’ll see below.

What can you make?

Gingerbread stick puppets on stage

Gingerbread stick puppets on stage

These are not super fancy, I will totally grant you that, but … they were fun and easy to make. I took a couple gingerbread cookie cutters and traced them onto the Kraft coloured card stock in the kit. Once I cut them out, it was a simple matter of taping them to the Popsicle sticks and decorating them. I used the googly eyes, stickers, ribbon, and glitter glue from the kit, plus a brown marker from my girls craft cupboard. My middle daughter saw I was making puppets so she decided to make a theatre backdrop for them using another of the kits from last year. She did a fantastic job decorating it with some trees, the foam snowflake stickers, one of the pipe cleaners (we did not have a bottle of glue handy so she used tape to stick the pipe cleaners on – glue would have been a much more successful option!) and her own bottle of silver glitter glue.

The tree you see in the background was made by tracing yet another cookie cutter then wrapping a bead laden pipe cleaner around it. It’s also taped to a Popsicle stick so can be moved around as play dictates!

simple decorations made with the pipe cleaners, beads and a traced stocking.

simple decorations made with the pipe cleaners, beads and a traced stocking.

I have a LOT of Christmas cookie cutters! Including this stocking shape which I turned into ornaments using the pipe cleaners. Such a fun and easy craft for your children to do. Imagine their faces when you hang that on the tree in a place of honour!

And every little witch, wizard, fairy princess or super hero needs a magic wand, right?

just a few ideas of how to use the supplies to make cards

just a few ideas of how to use the supplies to make cards

I’m a card maker so it was completely natural for me to want to use this kit to make some cards. Your card stock is already cut to the size of a standard (4.25″ x 5.5″) card base, all you need to do is fold it in half.

A few ideas to try:

  • Use the sticker sheet to create a scene on the front of your card.
  • Use a piece of the patterned paper and add glittery accents.
  • Let your children go wild with the foam stickers on the front of the card.
  • Cut out the patterns on the patterned paper to decorate your card.
  • Cut the patterned paper into strips and make a striped pattern on your card front. Add strips of the ribbon for a nice textural element too.
  • Trace one of the shapes onto your card, cut it out and make a peek-a-boo card (put a piece of patterned paper or one of the foam stickers on the inside of the card so it shows through the hole in the front).
  • Have your children draw and colour a scene on the font. Grandparents particularly love genuine works of art!
  • Use the water colour paint sheet as your card front. (See below for an example of one that’s been painted) Once the paint has dried, simply cut it to the right size and glue it onto a card base.
example of one of the water colour painting sheets

example of one of the water colour painting sheets

These are fun, I have to admit. There’s not a ton of colour on each of those little paint squares but enough to get the job done. Cut off the paint strip when you’re finished, frame it as a gift, add it to a piece of the card stock to make a card, write your letter to Santa Claus on the back and send him a special treat; whatever you decide to do with it, your children will have fun colouring it in.

I hope you and your children have as much fun playing with these kits as my daughter and I did. Thank you again for purchasing it. If you’d like to share photos of what you’ve created, please email them to me at I’d LOVE to see them!!

Happy Crafting!!

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