Last 2 Card Swaps

Just a quick post as my 2 year old is being particularly ‘difficult’ today. Right now I’m bribing my 7 year old with the promise of pop if she keeps an eye on her littlest sister! Yep. I’m a fantastic working Mom!! 🙂

Anyway, I decided to post both these cards together as I’m not sure where to give credit for them as there were no names on the backs. (If any of my Upline knows who these cards belong to please leave a comment  and I will edit the post to give credit where it’s due!)

I love the colour combination on this card. It’s so soft and simple! I also learned a new technique here (which I have yet to try.)  Before you score your paper strip to make the flower, run one side through an edge punch and then ink it. Voila! Softly rounded  and inked ‘petals’!

Love the 3-D aspect of this card!
Well, there you have it. All the cards from the Card Swap last Monday night. Hope you enjoyed them? Some of you have been so kind as to insist that mine was your favourite (your cheques are in the mail – LOL!) Thank you. But really, I think they all deserve recognition for their creativity and excellence!
I was supposed to work on my Business Plan today (hubs and I had a chat!) but life with the 2 year old did not go as hoped so the Plan will have to wait until tomorrow. I’ll be back on Thursday to share more projects with you. How about something spooky?

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  1. Roxy says:

    I like them both, especially how the 2nd pops up like that, I have yet to try a card like this. But, still liking yours the best! Just my honest opinion…

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