Kid’s rooms – Toxic Waste Dumps or Garden of Roses?

minions cleaning1It’s Saturday which – now that we don’t have swimming lessons in the mornings – means Chore Day.


Does anyone else hate motivating their children to help out with the house cleaning? Fancy chore charts aside, somehow ‘motivating’ always turns into ‘yelling really loudly until your children get off their lazy butts to help out’!

Things were going about as smoothly as could be expected this morning, until my almost 12 year old came home. Sigh. She’s not a teen yet but holy moley she can rampage with the best of them! Thinking of teenagers got my creative juices going so I created a little something for my Esty Shop.

They are funny door hangers that can be customized as needed. I posted this photo to my Instagram account this morning.

Instagram screen grab of door hangers by Alison Day Designs

My Silhouette wasn’t totally cooperating with me so the words ‘WEAR MASK’ are missing from the left one but you get the idea. I can’t show you a finished version though because I wrecked it. Gulp. I wanted to make them a bit sturdier so I thought covering them with a thin coat of Mod Podge would do the trick.

Um, no. It looked so terrible that these little guys had to be thrown out. It was very sad.

But then a magical thing happened!

As you can see by the comments, my friend Aurela was interested in ones for her boys (and she promised me WINE – ’nuff said!) so I put these together.

Custom Door hangers by Alison Day Designs

What do you think? The Stickles still need to dry a bit. Then they won’t be so puffy. LOL!

If you want a customized one just let me know. Yes, I will accept wine as payment but if you’re from out of town, you’d better make it money instead! LOL! Only $5 for one with their name on it or $4 for ones without.

They are proving to be quite fun to make so I will be adding more varieties to my shop as they roll off my Silhouette.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great weekend everyone!

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