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** April 30th: I finally have edited this post. All added text is in blue. Sorry for the delay!**

I’ve been working on 3 layouts (for Marley’s baby album) of our trip to the UK in September of 2004. It’s been a slow process! I used a PageMaps sketch for the first page and then just adapted it (kind of) and used the same papers for the next two pages. The last layout has been sitting unfinished on the dining room table for about a week or so (just got it done a little bit ago) so Paige decided to help me out. I’d been playing with adding button embellishments to it so she took it to the next level!!

Picking JUST the right button …
… and thinking about where to place it!
Pretty pleased with her composition!

She was so proud of herself that I hated to wreck her hard work! Then again, having buttons all over my journalling wasn’t the best idea. LOL!
SO without further ado, my 3 layouts:
As mentioned above, I followed a sketch for the first layout (from the January 2009 PageMaps collection) but not for the other two. I made the decision to keep them looking cohesive with the same Basic Grey papers, simple blue cardstock and similar floral embellishments. Here are the closeup/detail shots.
Our fist stop was to visit my guardians (my dear Aunt May and Uncle Alasdair) in Southampton. We managed to fit in a lot in just a few days!! Oh, and even though wee cousin Lucy was kept away from Marley, she ended up catching her Chicken Pox anyway!! Kids!
On a personal note (and totally NOT scrapbook related), Aunt May has been battling hard lately and I am very worried about her. Staring at her picture as I was creating this layout made me feel closer to her. I wish I WAS closer to her! The miles are many but my heart doesn’t know them!! Be well, Aunt May.
From Southampton we went to visit another Aunt and Uncle (I have LOTS in Britain!!) who lived at the time in a little village called St. Neots. The added bonus (besides getting to visit Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Arthur) was the fact that St. Neots was really close to the village where I grew up – Bar Hill. So we popped in to show Greg and Marley my old house (looking SO small!) and then went to explore nearby Cambridge.
From St. Neot’s we went to London to stay with cousins. Marley got her first taste of jealousy when my cousin’s little girl kept going to Greg! LOL!
And our last stop was in Glasgow – where all my family originally hails from! This was mostly a time to see family but we did sneak in a day in the city. We tried to go through to Edinburgh one day (I lived there for a couple years after univeristy) but that was right about the time Marley started to feel the effects of the on coming Chicken Pox and voiced her dissatisfaction quite loudly! So the trip was abandoned!
I will try and come back to add commentary about the pics but right now I have a raving lunatic in my lap (i.e an extremely unhappy 13 month old!) Thanks for checking out my pages. Hope to get back to this soon!!
Well, thanks again for checking back. Oh, and the “raving lunatic” is also on the mend. She been teething or something this past week and has had the worst poops and diaper rash imaginable. Plus she’d taken to only sleeping with Mommy and Daddy! NEVER a good arrangement for the Mommy and Daddy!! But (fingers crossed) I think we turned a corner last night and are on the mend. No sign of more teeth though so I’m sure a repeat or two are in our future! Great!!
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