Happy Valentine’s Day

Today I have some fun pictures for you. First off, this is what I made for the girls this years.

I found these little tin buckets at Dollarama and couldn’t resist. I’m going to put more detailed descriptions about the heart cards on my Stampin’ Up BLOG so if you’re interested please follow this link.

I think the girls could care less about the cards or the buckets, they just wanted what was inside them!
And Greg got this card which I made at an Upline meeting a couple weeks ago.

And now for something a bit fun!
Today’s LOAD prompt was “Love Lasts” and I could have gone in so many directions but I took it in a totally fun one. Greg gave me a Toblerone rose this morning and while I was listening to Lain’s video message I was reminded that my love of Toblerone goes back to when I was a kid. We didn’t get a ton of candy so whenever we did it was a special event! Santa used to bring us a Toblerone in our stockings and if anyone came to visit us from overseas they’d inevitably bring one from the Duty Free. 
THEN I opened Stacey’s Twelve email which contained a picture of a heart made out of ribbons and stuff. She included a link and I’m going to encourage you to follow it too. Here it is. http://acreativemint.typepad.com/a_creative_mint/2011/02/happy-hearts.html
Instantly the words “Toblerone” and Love” came together in my head and led me to create the following layout.

I cut up the box to use as the title, created a heart out of buttons like in the blog post and used a sketch for Elle’s Studio Sketch Thursday. The picture is one of me in Switzerland on our Honeymoon pretending to take a bite out of a monster sized Toblerone bar. What the picture doesn’t show, is the fact that the Toblerone bar is actually the top part of a bike rack!! Ah, the Swiss!!

The red tag with the second part of my title on it is my Twelve Personalities embellishment. I figure this story paints a pretty good picture of my personality, don’t you?!

And a close up of my heart. I must say, I do love this!
Well, there you have it.
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.
Hope you are all as high on sugar … er … love, as the girls’ and I are!! 🙂
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  1. Roxy says:

    Ahahaha, you’re a goof and a chocoholic, a girl after my own heart! I read your other post, and your buckets are totally adorable! Such a sweet mom you are! And I love this layout, the toblerone title and rose are very striking, and yes, it shows your personality perfectly! Big hugs, Roxy. PS – how was the MRI?

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