Half Way There!

Can you believe it? Today marks the half-way point in LOAD218 and I have so far managed to keep up my goal of one layout a day (and my bonus goal of a process video to go with each layout!)

Here are Days 11 – 14 for your viewing pleasure.

Day 11 – Trying Out Their Magic

LOAD218-11 Trying Out Their Magic by Alison Day

The lesson here is that even if your paper has motifs on it that are not relevant to your story, you can still find a way to use it!

And perhaps, never let your daughters point their wands at you! LOL!

Day 12 – What Secrets Lie Beneath?

LOAD218-12 What Secrets Lie Beneath by Alison Day

As I am putting an album together that is for one occasion – in this case our tour around the Harry Potter Studios outside of London – I like to repeat elements throughout. This helps the story feel unified even though each page has its own unique design. One of those unifying elements in this album is longer titles made up of multiple letter stickers. I love this look and am so happy it’s working so well in this album.

Day 13 – Scale Models

LOAD218-13 Scale Models by Alison Day

Can I just say how much I am in love with this layout? Sometimes a concept comes to you as you start the creating process, and you’re really not sure if it’s going to work like you envision it. You just cross our fingers and plunge ahead hoping it will end up being something you can at least tolerate in your albums. And sometimes all the stars align and you find you’ve made magic.

That’s how I feel about this. I put it into my album and it totally works next to the giant photo of Hogwarts in all its pink and purple glory!

(insert choir of angels here)

Day 14 – Girl You Can Change the World

LOAD218-14 Girl You Can Change the World by Alison Day

After a monochromatic layout I embraced all the colours and patterns with this one. A little nod to #girlpower hidden among photos of trains and wands and giant spiders! Love it!

Thanks for watching. I’d love it if you left some thumbs up and comments on my videos on YouTube.

See you Saturday for another LOAD218 roundup!

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