Getting Over the Hump

Now that February is more than half way finished it is becoming even more important to me to finish this month’s LOAD strong! I have a tendency to leave projects unfinished (gasp!) but I am determined not to let that happen.

So, without further ado, I give you Days 15 – 17 of LOAD218 and the next 4 layouts that are going into my Harry Potter Studio Tour album. Yes, I said 4 layouts not 3. You’ll see!

Day 15 – Wicked

It’s funny how a direction you think you’re going to go ends up not be anywhere close to where you end up! And somehow, you can’t imagine things ever looking different.

That’s what happened with this layout as you saw in the video.

LOAD218-15a Wicked by Alison Day

Day 15 – This Beautiful Life

Here’s that bonus layout I hinted at. Sometimes if your juices are flowing and you’re finding yourself drawn to something, you’ve just got to follow your gut and make it happen. I love this layout for so many reasons but mostly it’s that inspirational quote image. In fact, I’m going to print that off again onto card stock and hang it above my desk!

LOAD218-15b This Beautiful Life by Alison Day

Day 16 – The Yule Ball

Unbelievable that someone who has read all the books at least dozen times, and seen the movies probably half as many times too, could get something so wrong as the name of a fairly major scene in Book 4!! I have pretty serious concerns about my cognitive functions now! I think you’ll agree that I was able to fix it without too much problem. If you hadn’t watched the video you probably would never know, right?

LOAD218-16 The Yule Ball by Alison Day

Day 17 – Diagon Alley

Here’s another look at aturek’s layout that I used as my design inspiration.

Scraplift layout from aturek for LOAD218-17

I was drawn to those patterned paper strips along the bottom! Aren’t they fabulous?

Here’s a closer look at my version.

LOAD218-17 Diagon Alley double page by Alison Day

Because I have more photos on my layout than aturek, you see less of those strips, but I don’t think they have less of an impact. The colours all work together with my photos and with the tone of the album itself. And really, how fun are they anyway?

So fun!

Here is the left hand side of the layout on its own.

LOAD218-17 Diagon Alley Left Side by Alison Day

Oh, and yeah, that’s my smiling mug showing up in my album!! Shocker! The occasion needed a unicorn image because I’m about as rare on my pages as a unicorn is in real life! LOL!

LOAD218-17 Diagon Alley Right Side by Alison Day

I’ve been trying to get that “perfectly normal” die cut onto a page all month to no avail. But here it works as a nod to the Owl Emporium that I did not manage to get a photo of, and to cover a glimpse of set lights in that corner of the photo.

Okay, that’s it for now. I’ll see you again soon with the next few days.


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