Five on Friday and my first Blogger Award

Welcome to Five on Friday!
A new feature where I can recap some goings on around here.
(I saw this on another blog that I follow and I like the idea. Hopefully I can remember to make this a regular feature! LOL!!)
1. Project 12 – December 2010.
I’d almost forgotten about this little project of mine in all the post-Christmas chaos and stomach flu episodes that seem to be never ending. But a few days ago I dug out my stuff and got to work. Here it is.
And close ups of the left and right hand pages.
A close up of the title. 
This was a sub title that I added into the dark green square because I felt it looked a bit stark. The daisy was a double layered job that I took apart and then added the bling brad to. 
I also worked on a title page- but it’s not quite finished yet. Soon the album will be complete! I’m working on putting a slideshow on the blog somewhere to show the whole album. Stay tuned!
2. Skating Lessons
Marley and Paige started skating lessons this week. Marley has taken them before but this was Paige’s first time on skates and she was AWESOME! Greg keeps talking about how she has all this innate athletic ability – I think he’s onto something! She was pretty shaky when we first put the skates on (and she needs to learn to watch where she’s stepping!! Poor Marley!!) but from the time I left her rink side desperately gripping a chair for support, to the time I walked to the viewing area, she was standing on her own. By the end of the 25 minute lesson she was able to get up all by herself – sometimes quite quickly! Kids constantly amaze me with how quickly they can pick up new skills.
Marley is in this picture – 2nd from the right, white helmet. She took to the ice like she hadn’t been off it for 8 months!!
Paige is the one in the pink (of course!) This was right at the beginning of the lesson – after she’d let go of the chair. 
Here she is half way through the lesson. They had to pick up a toy from the pile on the ice (where the other kids are) and skate under the arch and over to the board you can see in the picture above where they were supposed to put it through one of the holes.
No blog post would be complete without a picture of LC being LC! Here she is running amok!! 
3. Thank you.
Thank you to everyone who has read my posting about the Berg family and who is praying for them. Your comments to me have been heart warming. They all continue to need our prayers so please keep them coming!
4. OLW – Release
To be honest, right now I am just trying to release the GI bug that won’t seem to let me go! Greg and I both woke up at 3:00AM last Thursday with identical desires to throw up! Thank goodness for my friend Trish who took Marley to school, Paige to ballet and then hung onto her for an all day playdate with her own daughter. I felt better the next day and managed to get through the weekend but this week I’ve had a couple of relapses including waking up at 3:00AM yesterday morning with similar nausea symptoms. Yuck! Now I’m back on the no dairy, no sweets, no nothing diet until … well until I can’t take it any longer or I am better!
5. I’ve joined a Book Club!
Many years ago my sorority sisters and I had a book club that was TONS of fun. I loved the exposure to books I wouldn’t have picked on my own accord, and the social aspect was great too. As part of my Happiness Project, I am trying to find ways of socializing with my girlfriends on a regualr basis. It’s incredibly hard to organize social things with my busy Mom friends but I figured joining something like this would be perfect. I already know at least two people in the group and who knows, once I actually attend a meeting (February!) I may recognize others. Also, I’m trying to watch less TV and read more so this will force me to at least read more!!
Okay, that’s my Five! Now for something completely different … I was nominated for a Blog Award by my blogger friend Roxy. I “met” her through the December Daily project. She has nominated me for this …
Wow!! Thanks Roxy!!
The rules state that I must tell 8 things about myself and then pass it on to 4 others. Here goes … (1) I have hazel eyes but all 3 of my girls inherited their Dad’s blue eyes (so much for the whole brown eyes are dominant thing!) … (2) I hate mushrooms and can pick them out of a dish at 30′! … (3) I was born in London, England (okay, okay, a suburb of London called Sutton) … (4) before the age of 8 I’d moved 8 times and lived in 4 different countries on 3 different continents … (5) I’m an orphan – technically although I was folded into a fantastic family that I can’t imagine living without now … (6) When I was pregnant with Marley I craved McDonalds chicken fajitas and would go through the drive-thru on my way home from work to get some! … (7) I am a total, complete, unadulterated chocoholic (much to my waistlines’ demise!) … and … (8) hmmm … I played the flute in high school.
There you go! 8 useless Alison facts! LOL!
I am going to pass this along to my blogging buddies Jana, Christine, Sandra and Andrea. You ladies ROCK on your respective blogs!!
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