Finally! Finished Pages!

Did you see my post on Thursday? I shared a video in which I confessed that I am … wait for it … not perfect! Gasp! That I struggle to put together my layouts sometimes. That, sometimes, working with a restricted kit can be, well, restricting!

But I also shared one solution that anyone can try. It takes some bravery on your part to cut into your 12×12 papers but the end results inevitably end up being something that will jump start your creative juices.

If you recall, this is where I ended up a couple days ago.

Starting point #1 by Alison Day

Starting point #1

Starting Point #2 by Alison Day

Starting Point #2

Starting Point #3 by Alison Day

Starting Point #3

Want to see what these layouts look like now? Well, you’re in luck! I worked on them yesterday while the girls played outside in the pool (blow up kiddie variety – small but keeps them wet and cool so no, we are not getting a bigger one no matter how much Marley begs. But I digress … )

Layout #1 – Always Happy

Always Happy by Alison Day

I matted my two main photos on more of the vanilla card stock then added a piece of red patterned paper from the Jillibean Soup 6×6 paper pad (in the June Bits and Pieces add-on kit). I used a little trick to make it stretch across the page – I cut it into two pieces. Easy Peasy! And since the large photo block hides the gap, your eye just reads it as one bigger piece.


A sticker, a wood veneer piece and some enamel dots add just the right amount of embellishment above the photo grouping. The sticker was large enough to allow for a tiny bit of journaling too.


Under the photos I added more enamel dots, a bit from the printable sheet and a flair badge from Chic Tags. Each embellishment grouping has a large round element in it, two with wood veneer and this one with a piece of flair. Repeating shapes keeps the layout cohesive.


I could have written a lot about this day or these two little girls and their friendship but I decided to save that for another layout (I have plenty more photos from this day) and keep things simple. The wood veneer piece is the same as the one at the top of the layout but the image on it wasn’t prefect so instead of cursing my luck at receiving a botched piece, I just flipped it over. I didn’t need to repeat the ‘Sunshine’ sentiment down here anyway.


My title is made up of the Jillibean alphas plus the word ‘happy’ from the printable sheet. I popped them up with foam adhesive to make them stand out more. I love how all the colours are represented in my patterned paper! Well, except the navy but that was why I added navy enamel dots elsewhere on the page. 🙂

Layout #2 – Too Close

Too Close by Alison Day

At first glance you might think that grey is an odd colour choice for a layout about my daughter playing in the pool. But this isn’t about her playing in the pool. This layout is about how she came really close to drowning  while playing in the pool.

Once I had created the base I knew it would be the perfect back drop for this story. One large focal photo plus two smaller supporting photos would give me plenty of room to write about the experience. I could write a lot more about it and I may type up more thoughts and add them to the back of the layout. It had quite an impact on me and on my daughters.

Scrapbook pages don’t always have to be about the happy moments. It’s okay to record moments like this that force you to take stock a bit and appreciate your blessings.


If you can’t read my handwriting (and who can, really?) this is what I wrote.

“In the blink of an eye life can change. This day was one that I hope not to forget to quickly and never to repeat. Marley, Paige & Christine were all playing happily in the pool at the campsite in Ferndale. I was sitting with some of the other Moms from Marley’s team, enjoying the adult company. Marley and a few of her team mates left the pool but Paige, Christine, Ethan and another younger boy were still playing with the inner tube. I guess it drifted into the deep section of the pool and Christine was flipped out. I was alerted by Marley’s screams “someone get Christine!” Oh wow. My heart leapt into my throat and I rushed over to help. Willing to jump in if necessary. Thank God she was fine. Only scared. We all were!!”

There is so much more to the story. How Marley was crying and so angry with Christine for going into the deep end despite her warnings. Marley takes prodigious care of her sisters! She knows she will soon be asked to do some real babysitting (not the ‘I’ll be back in 20 minutes, watch your sisters’ type  that is happening more and more since she turned 10). Paige’s desperate search for her sister who was on the opposite side of the inner tube from her, so hidden from view. Christine struggling to stay afloat – although she did manage! Gotta hand it to her swim teachers. I guess they DO teach more than how to blow bubbles and play fishy in the middle!!

Yes, I think I need to add some more journaling to the back of this layout!!


I accentuated with pink to lighten the mood somewhat and to coordinate with her swim suit. There was no pink in the kit though so I dug into my stash for this paper from Amy Tangerine.


The word ‘love’ was fussy cut from the paper. It perfectly shows how I feel about her!

I also felt like the photos needed something more behind them in the vertical but didn’t want to add more paper. I dug through my old Gossamer Blue kits and found some die cut cards by Dear Lizzy. I used the one with the hears as a stencil to pounce some Heidi Swapp Color Shine through. The pink is a perfect match to the paper that mats the large photo. To further highlight to hearts (and love theme) I traced around some of them.

Layout #3 – J’Adore

J'Adore by Alison Day

I had these photos in mind when I created this base. We just celebrated Canada Day and while the girls and Greg took in some of the festivities in our little town, I had to work so this happy hour in the back yard afterwards was how I celebrated. With my family, so what could be better?

This is another layout that could probably do with more journaling on it but as I was creating it I just couldn’t make a journaling box work. I may come back to this and fix it or I may add something to the back. I do want a record of my feelings at missing most of day with these little girls though. It is the hardest part of my retail job working evenings and weekends. Family time is rare and precious now!


I took two off cuts from a piece of Chic Tags paper, lined them up along the bottom and voila! You’d never know they weren’t one strip of wood grain paper! It is the perfect grounding line for my photos.


I had a few hits of navy but wanted more so I went to my washi tape to add this strip by the title.

If you’re counting, I have now completed my 4 layouts from June’s Gossamer blue kit to stay in the running for an album in a few months. I have a lot of papers left (especially since purchasing two add-on kits this month) and will use them eventually, but for now I think I will put this kit to one side and open up my July one. If something is giving me issues, I find it best to put it to one side for a bit. When I come back to it I’ve usually got a fresh perspective that somehow allows me to “make it work” Tim Gunn style!!

How do you deal with creative blocks? Come on over to my Facebook page and give us your best tips. I’d love to hear them!


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