Fabulous February Crop

Okay, okay. I know it’s March 1st today but I have been so crazy busy (and sick) that I am WAY behind on my blog posts. A week ago Saturday (Feb 20th) I went to my first ever all day crop. It went from 8:00am to midnight but I knew there was no way I could commit to that. LC is doing great taking milk from a bottle but I didn’t think she’d accept being apart from me (and my you-know-whats) for THAT long! I left Greg at 11-ish hoping that taking all 3 girls to Marley’s soccer game would be okay. He later took them plus one of Marley’s friends to the Richmond Ozone to experience some more Olympic excitement. Crazy? I thought so! Little did we know that Paige and Marley and I would be struck down with stomach flu later that evening. Paige ended up throwing up on the bus home, Marley in the bushes outside our door. Me? I had to leave the workshop I’d been waiting all day to do and drove home repeating the mantra “I will not throw up in the car”! It was NOT a fun night and Greg was AMAZING!! Poor guy. He had to deal with all the dirty sheets, pillows, towels, bowls, you name it, as I was out for the count!

I did manage to get several layouts finished which I wanted to share with you today. I specifically took Marley’s Baby Album to work on so was very pleased to get more pages added. Here they are:

This was the first time we took Marley to Victoria (Greg’s hometown) to show her off to friends and family there. It was her first ferry ride too – first of many!! While there we took her to the petting zoo at Beacon Hill Park. I think I was more interested in the goats than she was – LOL!
I took this picture of Marley one afternoon when she was napping because I thought it was hilarious! She slept in a cradle (the same cradle that her Uncles Matt, Dave & Paul slept in as babies) next to our bed until this picture was taken when we figured she’d finally outgrown it and moved her into her crib in her own room!
I don’t know if this is strictly an appropriate layout in include in Marley’s book or not but since it was probably her first “kid” birthday party, and it is for her cousin Matthew, I figure what the heck! There are no rules for what goes in the book and what doesn’t, right?
I got to play with a Cricut at the crop (thanks Jenn) so the lettering and the fun shapes were all made with the Cricut. I MAY have to ask Santa for one this Christmas!!
This last layout came together really easily and is probably one of my favourites so far. I cut the clothing lines out and it looks pretty neat. I took a close up of the last picture in this series because it is a classic! Marley asleep in her highchair after trying “solid” food for the first time!
I started another layout but didn’t bring enough paper and then ran out of adhesive so it is still “being worked on”. So to speak! The workshop I had to leave suddenly was for a mini album which is for someone so I will reveal that at a much later date! There was also a fun Make and Take which I haven’t taken pictures of either. It is a mini key chain/tag album with a Christmas theme. I haven’t added pictures yet and will have to think of who it will be for …

That’s all for now. Scrap-wise I will be working on my Project 12 layout for February and a special Olympics layout for my Project 12 album. It was such a fun filled 2 weeks that it needs a layout all of its own! Family post-wise I will post about Marley’s 6th Birthday, attended the Short Track that night and her Birthday Party (Soccer themed – made her dad so proud!!) So stay tuned everyone and thanks for checking in.

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