Dwindling Supplies and a Growing Story Album

Happy Saturday everyone!

And Happy Easter (Extra-Long) Weekend!

Earlier this week I started sharing the layouts I’ve made with my second Clear The Desk kit of supplies. To recap, it was a much larger kit than outlined in class but I knew I had a stack of photos from my eldest daughters Grade 7 Graduation Assembly to document. For me, having a kit of cohesive supplies to tell the story from one day or one event helps keep me focused. If I have to spend time hunting down papers and embellishments for each layout I tend to lose interest because I get bogged down with all the decision making.

So far I’ve created 8 layouts from this kit. The first two can be found in this post, the next three in this post. Today I am sharing the latest three, so let’s get going. (PS – my numbering system for my layouts is for the whole Clear the Desk class, not the number of layouts made from any one kit of supplies. I’m curious how many layouts I can make as I work my way through the class which I why I’ve done this.)

Layout #11 – Love Our Village

And here’s the finished layout. Usually when I share photos of double page spreads I include photos of each side individually but … I forgot to take those this time so you’ll just have to make do with one.

Clear The Desk #11 - Love Our Village a double page spread by Alison Day

Yes, this means I’ve added two pieces of white card stock to my already giant kit but I am so happy with how light and airy this layout feels. The colours from the pattern paper really get to shine through.

By the way, this was for the Free File Free-For-All challenge on the Paper Issues site. I’m trying to do as many of their March challenges as I can fit into the last week of the month! I combined two different cut files (tried to combine three but … well, you saw what happened to one of the cut files! Ugh!) – Magical and Good Vibes which you can find in their shop here.

Layout #12 – #GirlSquad Memories

This type of design takes me a lot longer to do! And like I said in the video, it’s an exercise in trusting the process. It could have gone terribly wrong but I think you’ll agree that the final layout works!

Clear the desk #12 - #girlsquad Memories by Alison Day

When working with a purposeful layered grid design, it’s important to remember to break up all that boxiness with other shapes. In this case, circles and hearts plus an acrylic bow or three! Oh, and this is for the Put It On An Angle Paper Issues challenge.

Layout #13 – (Heart) These Choir Girls

I had been reading a thread on one of my scrappy Facebook groups about wanting more YouTubers who scrapped in real time rather than speeding things up and recording a voice over. I used to do that but admittedly found it hard to scrap and talk at the same time which is why I’ve switched to a voice over based model (also, there have been a lot of workmen making a lot of noise in my house these past few months so finding quiet time to record a process video ‘live’ has been tough!) Let me know what you think of this one. I knew I could put this layout together quickly which is why I chose to not to record a voice over but there are background children type noises that maybe you find distracting. I’m curious to know which you prefer from me – real time, or voice over? Let me know in the comments!

Layout #13 - (Heart) These Choir Girls by Alison Day

I’ve included the album cover (below) that was the inspiration for the Feel the Beat challenge from Paper Issues. There may not be as much similarity in the cover and this back ground paper as I thought at the time, but I still stand by my choice. Sometimes inspiration is not literal or exact, rather a feeling or spark of an idea that then takes on a life of its own.

PI - Feel the Beat challenge - album cover inspiration

As it is March 31st today and we are heading out to a family BBQ later this afternoon, and then having other family over tomorrow for Easter dinner, I think this is all the challenges I’ll be able to complete this month. I did 6 of them – Scrap Soup, PI Partner’s Up (with Stuck?! Sketches which I just heard today will be shutting down, so sad), Frame It Up, Free File Free-For-All, Put It On An Angle, and Feel The Beat. Not bad. I will definitely make a start at the April Challenges earlier than the third week of the month! Seriously, what was I thinking?!

Speaking of challenges in April, have you seen this one from Shimelle?


Click to see it in Instagram as the second photo is the one you need to see. It’s a list of all the seemingly random icons and images we have been seeing in scrapbook supplies lately (llamas anyone??) Her challenge is going to be to use one per day in April and I think it’s going to be so fun! I already have my unicorn image in the bag! (There may have been a unicorn and rainbows party in my house recently!) I’d love to know if you’re participating so I can cheer you on and you can keep me accountable too!

That’s it for this week. Have a wonderful weekend! Hopefully it is full of family, food, and fun!


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