December Daily – Foundation Pages

Okay, here it is … sort of.
That sounds a bit cryptic so let me explain … I finished the foundation pages for my December Daily album today and took roughly a million pictures of it. However, most of the pictures sucked! Poor lighting and even poorer background! Sigh. It’s too late to redo them now but I will try again tomorrow. Until then, here is what I have so far.
Not all of them though … I just can’t do that to you!!
The front cover.
Funny story about the ribbon detail on the right … I punch the holes wrong the first time and rather than redoing the entire cover, I (quite ingeniously if I do say so myself) came up with the idea of covering the holes up with ribbon. Looks like it was always meant to be, no?
When I took these pictures I hadn’t adhered any patterned paper to the daily pages (I used the 6 x 8 digital templates from Ali Edwards) and some of the transparency papers still hadn’t been hole punched. That’s why you see quite a bit of “stuff” hanging out the right side of the book. Now that it’s all done, you don’t see that. I will attempt to post more pictures tomorrow to show that.
I used an ornament cut out from MME The Merry Days of Christmas line and then broke out my stamps. The December and the 20 and 10 are from a pack I found at Homesense, the D is from Martha Stewart’s Monogram set. Then I hand wrote the “aily” part – in real life it’s harder to tell the difference.

This is the inside of the front cover and the first of my … let’s call them Daily Cover Pages, shall we?
I’ve never made one of these albums before and really admired Ali’s so tried to follow her example as best I could. I checked out the cost of buying the transparancies that she used but it was going to cost me as much in shipping as the sheets themselves so I went to Plan B – scouring every LSS I know of for alternatives!! I am really happy with the results. I ended up finding a stash of glitter die cut papers in my own stash which saved me a bundle too! I bought some overhead projector transparencies and spray glued the die cuts to them. Some have adhered a bit more securely than others so we’ll have to see how those pages stand up to handling by the girls!!

Here’s another page – this is a transparency that I found in the wedding section at one of the scrapbook stores but I think the white looks wintery so … it works for me! The picture below shows the pattern on it a bit better. 
For most of the cover pages I added some sort of date embellishment but others, like this one, I went a different route. Here I used a Thickers foil shape to high light to number 5. 
Day 10 needs a couple of comments … first, I love the trees! This was one of the glitter sheets I found in my stash. Good score, eh? Also, as I was putting all this together, a package came in the mail. A little while back I won a RAK over at Apron Strings   and inside this little envelope was a package of fabric flowers from Jillibean Soup that were PERFECT! Thank you Lori!!

This cover page was another “wedding” find but again, it’s white, it works! I haven’t put the date on this page but it’s the cover page for the 18th which is the day we will be heading out to Abbotsford for a big Graham/Campbell/Day Christmas. Hence the Family tag.
This is another one of the white roses transparency and the cut out is from that MME sheet again. It’s super simple but I really like this one. 
Ah, my snowman. It won’t stay stuck to the glitter poisetta’s so I’ll have to find a different way of adhering it but I really like it. The number 21 is from Elle’s Studio Christmas Mix and Match Vintage Number Tags. I liked it’s simplicity but directly against the poinsetta’s it didn’t sing. Then I found the snowman on a page of Christmas stickers (Echo Park’s Wintertime) and everything fell into place. I stuck him to a piece of patterned paper (from the MME the Merry Days of Christmas line) then adhered the 21 to his belly and cut him out. Voila! Isn’t he cute? 
I found this piece of transparency and knew this was going to be my December 25th cover page! All the other papers I got two cover pages out of, but this one, I only wanted the one. (The transparencies and die cut papers are all 12″ x 12″ so I could get two 6″ x 8″ cover pages from each one.) I added a foil star for some added bling and dimension and I may go back and add a 25 somewhere, but for now, it’s done.
This is actually the only one like it because I made a mistake in my cutting. I accidentally cut a piece 6″ x 6″!!! Doh! 
I also haven’t added anything to this partly because I kind of ran out of steam, and partly because I’m waiting to see what happens that day (the 30th). It may just stay this way forever! We’ll see!! 
Here’s a quick peak at what the cover pages look like all laid out. Some are actually hockey card protector sheets (cut down to fit) and others are 4×6 photo protectors (also cut down to fit). I hope to find neat things to fill up the pockets of these! 
Thanks for sticking with me. I will take some pictures of the completed Daily Pages tomorrow and post them too. It’s exciting to see the book all put together. Now I just need December to get here so I can start filling it up!! Oh, but first I need to find all the goodies to fill up the advent calendar for the girls! That’s my plan for tomorrow.
If it doesn’t snow so much over night to prevent me from heading into Michael’s!
Yes, you heard me right! We have a snow fall warning tonight here in the Lower Mainland! 5 – 10cm apparantly. It was snowing big fluffy flakes when I picked Paige up from preschool today and the kids were tearing around trying to catch them on their tongues! So cute!!
But they don’t have to shovel it!!
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