December Daily – Dec 1

Well, it’s December 1st. Time to start my December Daily posts.

But I’m sick!

Marley has been sick for a week and I guess it was inevitable.
Kids and germs go together like peanut butter and jelly! Too bad the Mama’s pick things up when cleaning the pb&j residue!

Today I dragged my sorry butt out of bed and put out  the advent calendar for the girls. LC got to open the first box and then proceeded to smear herself with the chocolate Kiss she found inside! Mmmm …. chocolate before breakfast! The other prize in the box was a note saying we’d decorate the house today. I wrote the notes up before I got sick and contemplated changing it but … that seemed too hard with my head all stuffed up.

Greg stayed home to look after the kids and allow me to rest. So I took the morning easy and then once Marley came home from school (and Wednesdays are short days so she’d off at 1:30) we got out the boxes of decorations and dug in. Greg also took the opportunity to put up the Christmas lights outside. The girls kept going in and out helping both of us.

I did manage to take some pictures today of our decorating efforts. As soon as I get them uploaded I’ll share some and get to work on my layout for Dec 1. My energy reserves ran out after a couple hours so all we managed to do today were the two fireplace mantels and the stair bannister. Since LC is such a curious little thing I am planning to keep the decorations to a minimum this year. Nothing sucks the joy out of the season faster than spending every other minute telling LC to “touche pas!” So the mantels will be decorated and we’ll have a tree in a week or so but the usual little vignettes will have to wait until next year.

Anyway, that’s our December so far. See you tomorrow!

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