December Daily – Days 8 and 9

Still enjoying relatively quiet days here. I know that next week will be busier so I’m trying to pace myself!

Day Eight:
The plan was to make cookies after school. In their advent calendar I’d put a little note with the choices of cookies on it (Paige scribbled on it before I could snatch it away to put into this album – grr!) These are cookie mixes that a local mom makes and sells each year at a Christmas Craft Fair – gotta support local, right? Plus they are darn good mixes! 
Marley and Christine chose the Gingerbread cookie mix (which came with a gingerbread man cookie cutter) and, to be contrary, Paige insisted on making the Coconut Oatmeal cookies. In previous years this probably would have led to fights, yelling, Mom in tears, girls in tears, … you get the picture. But this year, I just thought “okay, two types of cookies it is then!” 
And then when I was approached on the playground by another mom asking if her daughter could come over for a play date, I thought “sure, why not? The more the merrier!” I’m getting so mature in my old age!! Ha!!!

I believe Christine ate only icing, sprinkles and gummy candies! What a turkey!
Day Nine:

Greg had a short work day and no soccer game that night so we took advantage of the rare free Friday evening and went into Vancouver to VanDusen’s Garden. Their annual Festival of Lights was starting that night. It’s a beautiful spectacle of millions of Christmas lights strung all throughout their gardens. Plus they put on a light show to music which is always lots of fun.
It’s been unseasonably cold and dry around here (but forecast to change tonight in time for Greg’s soccer game … sucker!) so the hot mini donuts were appreciated and the stop off to see Santa was a welcome break too. Christine ran up to sit on Santa’s lap as soon as he made the offer. I can’t remember what she said she wanted though. Oops!

The large star in the middle of the collage above were ones they were selling ($5 suggested donation, that is) to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation. They are little LED lights that hang around your neck and glow blue. Each girl got one and then Christine managed to break hers on the way home. So it got included here!
The red glitter stars were cut out of some Stampin’ Up! glitter paper. I thought the stars were appropriate for this story.

Well, there we are. 9 days down, 16 more to go. Hope you’re enjoying your December so far and if you are doing a December Daily let me know. I’d love to check it out! Greg and the older girls are out buying our tree right now and then Marley has a birthday party to go to tonight while Greg goes to play soccer in the cold and wet. I told him it could be worse, we could be up north where he wouldn’t GET to play soccer so late in the year. But he just responded with “then I’d be playing indoors”. Hmm … 
Anyway, have a great Saturday evening and I’ll see you soon!

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