December Daily – Day 6

Wow, I’m in shock! I got my Day 6 done!!
Let me show you quickly just in case it’s all a dream!
Day 6:

Yesterday was another one of those days without a real focus. But on the heels of my last post I decided to just pick one thing and write about it. We were hosting Paige’s preschool’s General Meeting for December which is potluck so I knew it was time to make my first (of many) round of shortbread. I remembered to grab my camera and voila! Simple, to the point and easy to finish!!
One annoying side note is that I bought more photo paper yesterday and bought the wrong type. Grr!! I mistakenly picked up the HP Everyday Photo Paper instead of their Advanced Photo Paper. It’s thin and doesn’t hold colours well and generally sucks!! I will return to London Drugs tomorrow and get better paper. Until then, this page stands with wimpy paper. Sigh!
Okay, must go make dinner …
See you tomorrow?
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