December Daily – Day 23

It’s a new day, the baby slept MOST of the night in her own room and I’ve had my morning coffee … time to blog about …
Day 23:
Richmond Centre always has an amazing Santa set up complete with elves. For the past couple years Marley and Paige have enjoyed collecting Elf Cards so today I decided to take them “Elf Hunting”. We missed the Elf Inspection (something Santa does when he arrives at the mall) but we were in time for the School of Christmas – a new activity this year.
My cover page (above) is a cut down 4×6 protector page into which I’d put the tag “2 Days Until Christmas” and then added a picture of the School of Christmas sign. It was draped with paper chains made up of children’s wishes written onto “Believe” tags. That’s the mall’s theme during the Christmas Season – I Believe.

The back side of the cover page has a picture of the girls with a couple “captured” elves. As you can see, Paige was in her usual cooperative mood!

Next I added a cut down card protector page with 3 elf cards – the least detroyed ones of LC’s!

On the Main page I added a picture of the girls and two elves “in class”. Not sure what LC was doing in the middle of the circle but … it’s cute!
The back of the main page is blank at the moment and will actually become part of the Day 24 story. Stay tuned for that!!
Thanks for checking in again.
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  1. Roxy says:

    That’s pretty neat that the mall does that! I just love those elf cards!!! Thank you so much for your last comment on my blog – you are such a sweetheart to offer to send me Timmie’s! Carole, another lady in England doing December Daily, said they only have 2 types of donuts over there – isn’t that terrible?! Must be a North American thing, hee hee!

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